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Michigan Retiremnt Reporting
Use this to download the retirement data.
Michigan  Municipal  pension  opeb 
14 days ago by CaptnBuzz
DIY open data tookit (GoC)
The toolkit is a collection of best practices and plans for initiating an open data project or program in a municipal setting. Its content draws on OpenNorth’s international and Canadian experience as well as best practices and advice shared by members of the DIY open data project’s advisory group. The project is primarily targeted to those municipalities who have not yet begun an open data project or program. It could also be beneficial to others considering initiating an open data program including non-profits, provinces, agencies/boards/commissions as well as those already implementing open data.
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24 days ago by Psammead
Michigan Vital Statistics
Click on "Natality, Pregnancy, & Abortion" Icon
Select "Michigan Counties" to get drop down menu
Select "Number of Birth by County" from drop down menu
Michigan  Births  Municipal 
8 weeks ago by CaptnBuzz
Why there aren’t more alternatives to big-company broadband
Muncipal broadband and multiple ISP options are great ideas–unless you’re a giant telecommunications company with an entrenched monopoly.
municipal  broadband  unitedstates  2019 
11 weeks ago by stevesong
Taubman Fellowship Grant
Through the generosity of The Taubman Company, the program provides tuition assistance (including registration, materials, room, and board) for Harvard University’s Program for Senior Executives in State and LocalGovernment at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. A
Municipal  Schools  Michigan 
december 2018 by CaptnBuzz

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