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2 Ways to Batch Move All Charts from All Existing Worksheets to a New Created One in Excel Workbook
If each worksheet in an Excel workbook contains several charts and now you would like to batch move all charts to a new created worksheet, you can refer to this post. Here we will introduce you 2 easy ways.
Batch  Move  Multiple  Charts  Excel  workbook  worksheet  All  chart  xlsx  recovery 
11 days ago by DataNumen
3 Easy Ways to Batch Open Multiple Hyperlinks in Your Excel
If you’d like to batch open multiple hyperlinks in Excel, you can refer to this article. Here we’ll introduce you 3 handy methods. Each of them has its pros and cons. You can choose any as per your needs.
Batch  Open  Multiple  Hyperlinks  Excel  VBA  workbook  hyperlink  recover 
12 days ago by DataNumen
How to Batch Convert & Attach Multiple Word Documents as PDF Files to an Outlook Email
It is easy to attach a Word document as a PDF file to an Outlook email. Yet, if you’d like to attach multiple Word documents as PDF files to an email, you can read this article. Here we will show you a method to batch get it.
Attach  Multiple  Word  Documents  as  PDF  Files  Convert  Document  to  email  attachments  Outlook  VBA  ScanPST  Send 
12 days ago by DataNumen
2 Effective Methods to Batch Convert Multiple Excel Workbooks to PDF Files
Sometimes, you may want to convert multiple Excel workbooks to PDF files. Here, in this article, we will introduce 2 methods to get it in batches.
Convert  Excel  to  PDF  Workbook  Multiple  Workbooks  Files  corrupt  VBA  Save  As 
18 days ago by DataNumen
Split Single GPU - PyTorch Forums
Is there any way to split single GPU and use a single GPU as multiple GPUs?
For example, we have 2 different ResNet18 model and we want to forward pass these two models in parallel just in one GPU (with enough memory, e…
pytorch  multi-gpu  multi-model  multiple  model  deep-learning 
19 days ago by nharbour

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