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Hey, wanna see a cool piece of history? Here are ’s original playtest cards for Planeswalkers, when th…
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8 days ago by carlfish
Typos in Alchemy could be disastrous.
I remember misreading 's "Alabaster Potion" as "Alablaster Potion"…
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15 days ago by daisyk
Timeline - MTG Wiki
This is a timeline of the Magic: The Gathering storyline. It is an unofficial document, but all information on it is taken from official canon sources (see: List of storyline sources).
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16 days ago by neverminding
MTG Salvation - Magic the Gathering News, Spoilers, Trades, Forums, and Card Database
Magic the Gathering News, Spoilers, Card Database, Card Trades, and Forums.
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20 days ago by alviss
Hipsters of the Coast
Informative website with lots of articles about deckbuilding, also MtG art, good graphics!
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21 days ago by navegador

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