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“Mr. Mitch - The Man Waits (Gage Remix)” by Gobstopper Records
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6 weeks ago by sumit
Keiichi Matsuda auf Twitter: "Introducing Virtual Wearables… "
MR UI concept connected to gestures by Keiichi Matsuda / Leap Motion
8 weeks ago by DirkSonguer
What VR Can Learn from the Two German Words for "Experience"
On today’s episode of the Voices of VR Podcast, I talk with Dr. Jenn Zahrt about the differences between erfahrung and erlebnis, and whether or not a third term might be required in order to describe the process of going through a virtual reality experience. Jenn says that erlebnis could be thought of a unique ‘lived experience’ that you actually go through with your embodied flesh, and that an erfahrung encompasses a much wider range of types of experience ranging from an archive of memories created from your erlebnisse but also knowledge that’s gained from indirect sources like the media, books, and external sources of authority.
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8 weeks ago by DirkSonguer
Studio - SIGGRAPH 2018
Create works of art, items of functionality, or objects of novelty. If you can imagine it,  the SIGGRAPH Studio has the resources to help you make it a reality.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Make It

The SIGGRAPH 2018 Studio is a place where collaboration and interactivity merge to create an experience unlike any other. Utilizing both new and old technologies, SIGGRAPH attendees are encouraged to roll up their sleeves and bring their wildest ideas to life.

In addition to hands-on installations, workshops will be taught by industry professionals on a wide variety of topics related to computer graphics and interactive techniques. These workshops will be offered in graduated levels of difficulty. Start with the very basics and learn a new skill, or jump in at an advanced level and polish off a project you’ve been working toward.

Additionally, Studio experience presentations will be offered about studio-based research projects.

Appropriate submissions include laser-scanning devices, high-speed imaging systems, motion-capture systems, stop-motion animation software, rapid-prototyping machines, interactive drawing tools, physical computing devices or objects, and exploratory platforms.

With something for everyone, the 2018 Studio promises to be a unique source of education, professional growth, and fun.

Lightform: Procedural Effects for Projected AR
Lightform LF1 is a hardware device that enables fast and convenient projected AR for any projector. Through a novel visible structured light technique, the LF1 allows users to apply procedural effects automatically and quickly create projected AR content.
Kevin Karsch Lightform, Inc.
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11 weeks ago by sherbondy
Forbes Welcome
RT : The Difference Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality!

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11 weeks ago by TomRaftery
RT : The Difference Between Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality!

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11 weeks ago by TomRaftery
What's going on at London Fields? inspired by the 1&only
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