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busy few weeks teaching MSc students the joys of , , & & this week ge…
CUDA  HPC  MPI  OpenMP  from twitter_favs
7 days ago by mcrcoderdojo
hpc/mpifileutils: File utilities designed for scalability and performance.
File utilities designed for scalability and performance. - hpc/mpifileutils
mpi  fileio  utilities 
24 days ago by hschilling
96-core NanoPi Fire3 cluster computer blows past RPi rigs in benchmarks
The Odroid-MC1 products are primarily designed to run Docker Swarm. Many of the cluster systems are designed to run Docker or other cloud-based software. Last year Alex Ellis, for example, posted a tutorial on creating a Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster that runs Docker and the OpenFaaS framework. Indeed, as with edge computing devices running modified versions of cloud software, such as AWS Greengrass, cluster computers based on SBCs show another example of how the embedded and enterprise server worlds are interacting in interesting new ways using Linux.
Raspi  cluster  performance  cloud  MPI 
july 2018 by euler
Message Passing Interface (MPI)
there are other tutorials here as well
april 2018 by ALW
Configuring OpenMP and MPI on Mac · Siyuan's Blog
How to install OpenMPI via homebrew with support for OpenMP:
$ brew install openmpi --build-from-source --cc=gcc-7
programming  c++  OpenMP  MPI  mac 
april 2018 by PeterErwin

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