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Contributing to the Mozilla code base - Mozilla | MDN
This page should guide you through the initial steps of contributing to Mozilla. Welcome, we're delighted to see you! :)
5 days ago by iansari
bBoxType/FiraSans: Fira is a large OpenSource typeface family licensed under OFL
This repository contains the final releases of Fira Sans, Fira Mono, and Fira Code.
fonts  mozilla 
6 days ago by spl
Overfitting DeepSpeech model on small amount of data - Deep Speech - Mozilla Discourse
What I would do is to simply use the existing acoustic model and create a new language model using only the 23 sentences you expect to hear.
deepspeech  mozilla  raspberrypi 
8 days ago by libbymiller
Releases · OlgaTPark/tenfourfox
TenFourFox variations for Intel Macs: TenFourFox is for Intel Tiger, TenFive is for Intel Leopard and TenSixFox is for Snow Leopard
tenfourfox  10.5  10.6  leopard  snowleopard  software  mozilla  firefox  retrocomputing  mac  macintosh 
12 days ago by nicoladagostino
Pale Moon - Add-ons - Adblock Latitude
a direct fork of Adblock Plus made specifically for the Pale Moon and Basilisk browsers.

Adblock Latitude is designed to be a drop in replacement for ABP and will utilize all your exsisting settings. However, ABL is more than that. It does not compromise by removing the hard coded Acceptable Ads feature.
fireofx  mozilla  browser  estensioni  retrocomputing  10.6  snowleopard  mac  macintosh  pubblicita 
12 days ago by nicoladagostino

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