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Purchasing a Poor Man's Stabilizer
If you are interested in the $14 Stabilizer, but are unable to build one yourself. You can purchase a pre-built ready-to-use stabilizer right here! The Poor Man's Stabilizer has helped thousands of aspiring filmmakers, videographers, and video enthusiasts like yourself hoping to get better looking video without spending hundreds of dollars on a commercial stabilizer. You can read my seller feedback as well as these testimonials to see how other people have enjoyed using this stabilizer.
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5 days ago by jmello raspberry pi vesa mount
Building block compatible SmartiPi Raspberry Pi B+,2, and 3 w/ camera case and GoPro compatible mount – Gray
Building  block  compatible  SmartiPi  Raspberry  Pi  B+  2  and  3  w/  camera  case  -  GoPro  mount 
6 days ago by kilroy2
Adafruit VESA Mount Plus for Raspberry Pi 2 / B+ / A+ ID: 2534 - $9.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
The basic Adafruit VESA mount got a facelift!

Introducing the Adafruit VESA Mount Plus for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, Model B+, and Model A+! Designed by PaintYourDragon, this is a very versatile mount with support for 75mm and 100mm. Mount your Pi computer to the back of most HDMI monitors! The VESA mount is cut out of clear 3mm acrylic so you can see the LEDs.

This is for Raspberry Pi 2, Model B v2, B+, and A+! If you happen to have a Raspberry Pi Model B v1 without mounting holes, you can use a not-included Edge-Mounting Kit.

Kit contains:

1x VESA mount
3x Nylon spacers
4x M4 Machine screws
3x 4-40 Machine screws
4x Nylon 1/2" pan screws
4x Nylon 4-40 hexnuts
3x 4-40 Steel hexnuts
4x Rubber bumpers
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Weight (just the mount): 30g

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Adafruit VESA Mount Plus for Raspberry Pi 2
Adafruit  -  VESA  Mount  Plus  Raspberry  Pi  2 
9 days ago by kilroy2

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