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Why Did Trump Fire Tillerson Now? - The Atlantic
Speculating on motive & timing of Trump firing Tillerson: Tillerson’s support of
the UK’s accusation of Russia did him in
trump  tillerson  uk  may  nerve  gas  attack  russia  analysis  speculation  fire  motive  lie  Q1  2018 
march 2018 by csrollyson
Las Vegas sheriff: evidence gunman Stephen Paddock planned to survive | US news | The Guardian
Lombardo described Paddock, who he revealed was gambling at the casino hours before the attack, as a “disturbed and dangerous” man who had apparently led a “secret life” that left few clues about his actions.

He confirmed that investigators were exploring whether there was some incident in October 2016 that would explain why, in the year that followed, he purchased some 33 new weapons.

But he left gave the impression that Las Vegas and the FBI have been left flummoxed by the case, saying Paddock did not appear to conform to the profile of other mass murderers. “We haven’t understood it yet,” he said. “You have to be patient with us.”
USA  gunviolence  motive  crime 
october 2017 by dominomaster
Daring Fireball: Is Donald Trump Actually Trying to Win?
In short, Trump isn’t trying to appeal to more people, which is how you win elections. He’s trying to appeal more to the people who already support him. That’s how you might build an audience for an “alt-right” media company.

The idea that the Republican nominee for president doesn’t actually want to be president is outlandish. But Donald Trump is outlandish. And what I find compelling about this scenario is that it does not imply that Trump is stupid. Here is a short list of adjectives I personally would use to describe Trump: reprehensible, bigoted, reckless, obnoxious, selfish, incurious, under-informed. But one word I wouldn’t use is stupid. Ignorant, yes, but not stupid.

If Trump is trying to win the election, what he’s doing the last few weeks doesn’t make any sense. But if his goal is not to win, then maybe he’s crazy like a fox. A fox with no regard whatsoever for civil discourse, the stability of our republic, or the future of the Republican Party — but a fox nonetheless.
DonaldTrump  elections  politics  motive  review  media  launch  DaringFireball  2016 
august 2016 by inspiral
The Power of Altruism - The New York Times
To simplify, there are two lenses people can use to see any situation: the economic lens or the moral lens.

When you introduce a financial incentive you prompt people to see their situation through an economic lens. Instead of following their natural bias toward reciprocity, service and cooperation, you encourage people to do a selfish cost-benefit calculation. They begin to ask, “What’s in this for me?”

In 1776, Adam Smith defined capitalism as a machine that takes private self-interest and organizes it to produce general prosperity. A few years later America’s founders created a democracy structured to take private factional competition and, through checks and balances, turn it into deliberative democracy. Both rely on a low but steady view of human nature and try to turn private vice into public virtue.

Since then, the institutions that arouse the moral lens have withered while the institutions that manipulate incentives — the market and the state — have expanded. Now economic, utilitarian thinking has become the normal way we do social analysis and see the world. We’ve wound up with a society that is less cooperative, less trusting, less effective and less lovely.
economics  selfishness  profit  motive  capitalism  vice  virtue 
july 2016 by pagecarr
Value-action gap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Summarizes research of the gap between buyers' purported support for "the environment" & refusal to buy green products
environment  green  social  society  motive  behavior  research  contradiction  science  reference  2ghcj 
july 2016 by csrollyson
The motive for the attacks in Paris and Brussels, by Thierry Meyssan
We don't yet know who ordered the attacks in Paris and Brussels. Several potential leads have been mentioned, but only the hypothesis of an operation decided by Turkey has any serious backing. Thierry Meyssan describes the secret conflict which, for the last five years, has haunted the relations between the Europan Union, France and Turkey. via The motive for the attacks in Paris and Brussels, by Thierry Meyssan
IFTTT  The  motive  for  attacks  in  Paris  and  Brussels  by  Thierry  Meyssan 
march 2016 by davidmarsden
We’re lucky if we get to be old, physician and professor believes - The Washington Post
Increasingly, research has shown that regimentation and institutionalization work against well-being and good health in old age and that people with negative conceptions of aging are more likely to experience dementia later in life. "
aging  society  culture  attitudes  dominance  competition  profit  motive  institutions  medical  industry 
february 2016 by pagecarr

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