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Second Sock Syndrome - What It Is and How to Fight It - Sheep Among Wolves
If you’re a sock knitter you’ve undoubtedly heard of it before: SSS or Second Sock Syndrome. Another affliction plaguing many knitters. But what can you do if you have it? Which strategies can you attempt to cope with it and which ones have the best chances of working for you? via Pocket
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2 days ago by rjp
Momentum > Urgency | Test Obsessed
Let’s talk about motivation. More specifically let’s talk about what leadership can do to help motivate a team.
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7 days ago by madscene
3 tricks to start working despite not feeling like it
the takeway seems to be to do something, starting small, being sloppy but just do something in order to set things in motion
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7 days ago by hthief
RT : Always remember, too much ego will kill your talent.
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15 days ago by dtomoff
Choices, choices: For college students, a buffet of options causes heartburn
A good article about choice in college and how some departments are trying to eliminate it to help students more
Interesting and a good read!
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17 days ago by ebovee

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