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How Edge Computing Will Deliver on the Promise of 5G
"That’s because it’s not meant for us. Like most technological advancements, industry will come first. The promise of 5G is in swarms of drones and fleets of autonomous vehicles. It’s in lightweight industrial wearables that process crucial information rapidly. It’s in robots. And, yes, it’s in the augmented reality game we’ve all been waiting for, “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.”

This promise of 5G will be most likely delivered on the edge, taking it from conference marketing to real-world feasibility. In fact, 4G can already deliver a 5G-like experience with edge computing."
That’s  because  it’s  not  meant  for  us.  Like  most  technological  advancements  industry  will  come  first.  The  promise  of  5G  is  in  swarms  drones  and  fleets  autonomous  vehicles.  lightweight  industrial  wearables  that  process  crucial  information  rapidly.  robots.  yes  augmented  reality  game  we’ve  all  been  waiting  “Harry  Potter:  Wizards  Unite.”  This  be  likely  delivered  on  edge  taking  it  from  conference  marketing  to  real-world  feasibility.  fact  4G  can  already  deliver  a  5G-like  experience  with  computing.edge  iot  events 
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