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Thomas Kellner - Photography in Art: Tango Metropolis
Thomas Kellner’s contact sheet photo montages de/re-construct well-known landmarks.
photography  Montage 
13 days ago by katexic
This artist uses jigsaw puzzles, with the same die cut pattern, to make these terrific mashups • Boing Boing
Rusty Blazenhoff:
<p>Oh boy, I think I have a new hobby. I've just learned that you can combine puzzles, that have the same die cut, to make really awesome pieces of art. It had never occurred to me that manufacturers of mass-produced puzzles cut different puzzles of theirs in the same way, making the pieces interchangeable. It makes complete sense, of course, but my mind is still blown!

I learned about the art of "puzzle montage" from one of the readers of my inbox zine, Marcia Wiley (she's the gal in Seattle who's fixing up that cool old Checker Cab). She was visiting the Bay Area and we met up for the first time this past Friday. That's when she told me about her friend Tim Klein, who makes incredible puzzle montages. I'm excited to share his work with you.

In an email exchange, Tim told me that he learned about puzzle montages from the man who first made them, art professor Mel Andringa of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, "As far as I know, he and I are the only artists ever to pursue it seriously. And I think he's moved on to other things nowadays, so I may be the sole surviving practitioner."</p>

They're absolutely amazing. I think the below one is my favourite. More at <a href="">Puzzle Montages</a>.

<img src="" width="100%" />
art  montage  jigsaw 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Shotcut - Home
Logiciel gratuit de montage vidéo
Software  Soft  Montage  Video  Logiciel  Gratuit  Free 
august 2018 by Renaud
Comment faire des vidéos sans logiciel de montage ? - Journaleuse
Aujourd’hui, réaliser des vidéos est accessible à tout le monde, que vous soyez professionnel ou amateur. Voici les outils que j’utilise et qui me permettent de monter rapidement des vidéos faites au smartphone et de faire des diaporamas photo en quelques minutes. 
Archive  montage  vidéo 
may 2018 by plouf

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