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PagerDuty | Digital Operations Management Platform
See how PagerDuty Digital Operations Management Platform integrates machine data & human intelligence to improve visibility & agility across organizations.
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Apollo Engine - GraphQL Gateway
A GraphQL gateway that helps you implement and run GraphQL over REST or any other backend with confidence. Has essential features like caching and performance tracing
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yesterday by liqweed
Introducing Thanos: Prometheus at Scale - Improbable
by only caching the necessary index parts of blocks
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yesterday by wallrat
Introducing Thanos: Prometheus at Scale - Improbable
Prometheus’s simple and reliable operational model is one of its major selling points. However, past a certain scale, we’ve identified a few shortcomings. To resolve those, we’re today officially announcing Thanos, an open source project by Improbable to seamlessly transform existing Prometheus deployments in clusters around the world into a unified monitoring system with unbounded historical data storage.
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yesterday by dano
BPF, eBPF, XDP and Bpfilter… What are these things and what do they mean for the enterprise? - Netronome

So there we have it. What is being produced within the kernel community as it stands is a massively powerful shift in networking. eBPF is a powerful tool that brings programmability to the kernel. It can deal with congestion control (TCP-BPF), tracing (kprobes, tracepoints) and high-performance networking (XDP, cls_bpf). Other use cases are likely to appear, as a result of its success among the community. Beyond this, the transition extends until the end user, who will soon be able to seamlessly leave the old iptables back-end in favor of a newer, and much more efficient XDP-based back-end—using the same tools as today. In particular, this will allow for straightforward hardware offload, and provide the necessary flexibility as users move to 10G and above networks.
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yesterday by euler
Introducing Thanos: Prometheus at Scale - Improbable

Once we started querying historical data, we soon realized that there are fundamental big-O complexities that make queries slower and slower as we retrieve weeks, months, and ultimately years worth of data.

The usual solution to that problem is called downsampling, a process of reducing the sampling rate of the signal. With downsampled data, we can “zoom out” to a larger time range and maintain the same number of samples, thus keeping queries responsive.

Downsampling old data is an inevitable requirement of any long-term storage solution and is beyond the scope of vanilla Prometheus.
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yesterday by euler
Full-stack monitoring for today's business.
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