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Remarks delivered at the World Economic Forum
George Soros

At the London School of Economics I developed my conceptual framework under the influence of my mentor, Karl Popper. That framework proved to be unexpectedly useful when I found myself a job in the financial markets. The framework had nothing to do with finance, but it is based on critical thinking. This allowed me to analyze the deficiencies of the prevailing theories guiding institutional investors. I became a successful hedge fund manager and I prided myself on being the best paid critic in the world.
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5 hours ago by wunixme
Drug Middlemen Got Big Markup in New York, Pharmacists Say - Bloomberg
CVS, Express Scripts, OptumRx dominate PBM market in the U.S.
Study sponsored by pharmacist group upset over reimbursement
Pharmacy-benefit managers are taking increasingly large markups on generic drugs in New York, according to an analysis of Medicaid prescriptions at independent pharmacies in the state.
In Medicaid, private insurers are paid by the state to cover low-income citizens. The insurers in turn usually contract with pharmacy-benefit managers, or PBMs, paying them to provide drug coverage. PBMs run by CVS Health Corp., Cigna Corp. and UnitedHealth Group Inc. then bill insurers for coverage, and reimburse pharmacies for drugs.
For years, small pharmacy owners have been complaining that PBMs have been shortchanging them, cutting to unsustainable amounts the reimbursement they get for dispensing prescriptions to millions of Americans. Drugstores have also claimed that PBMs are charging larger per-prescription amounts to their insurer and employer clients -- and sometimes pocketing the difference.
A Bloomberg analysis this year of 90 frequently prescribed generic drugs in Medicaid managed-care plans in 31 states found wide variations in reimbursement and drug cost from state to state. In some states, Medicaid plans appear to be getting a good deal, Bloomberg reported earlier this year. In others, plans pay markups of threefold or more on some treatments, the Bloomberg analysis found. But Bloomberg’s analysis couldn’t tell how much of the markup was going to PBMs and other middlemen, versus how much was going to pharmacies.
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Sapphire Preferred Card Offer Details |
Points Are Worth 25% More

When you use points to redeem for cash, each point is worth $.01 (one cent), which means that 100 points equals $1 in redemption value. Each point you redeem for travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards is worth $.0125 (one and a quarter cents), which means that 100 points equals $1.25 in redemption value, and points are worth 25% more than if redeemed for cash. For example, 50,000 points are worth $625 towards travel, or $500 when redeemed for cash. The cost of travel is based on the rates and fares available through the Ultimate Rewards website and travel center, and may not reflect all rates and fares that are available through other sales channels.

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Superéthanol E85 - Vos questions, nos réponses - Décryptage - UFC-Que Choisir
Le carburant alternatif superéthanol E85 peut permettre de réaliser des économies au moment de faire le plein. Mais certaines conditions et prérequis sont à respecter.…
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