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Why Model?
This lecture treats some enduring misconceptions about modeling. One of these is that the goal is always prediction. The lecture distinguishes between explanation and prediction as modeling goals, and offers sixteen reasons other than prediction to build a model. It also challenges the common assumption that scientific theories arise from and 'summarize' data, when often, theories precede and guide data collection; without theory, in other words, it is not clear what data to collect. Among other things, it also argues that the modeling enterprise enforces habits of mind essential to freedom. It is based on the author's 2008 Bastille Day keynote address to the Second World Congress on Social Simulation, George Mason University, and earlier addresses at the Institute of Medicine, the University of Michigan, and the Santa Fe Institute.
5 days ago by zryb
GitHub - facebookresearch/InferSent: Sentence embeddings (InferSent) and training code for NLI.
InferSent is a sentence embeddings method that provides semantic representations for English sentences. It is trained on natural language inference data and generalizes well to many different tasks.
models  nlp  machine-learning 
9 days ago by devin
Universal sentence encoder paper
We present models for encoding sentences
into embedding vectors that specifically
target transfer learning to other NLP tasks.
The models are efficient and result in
accurate performance on diverse transfer
ml  machine-learning  models  sentences  nlp 
9 days ago by devin
3D models by DH_Age Sheela-na-Gig3D Project (@DH_Age) - Sketchfab
These are fantastic -- 3D scans of Sheela-na-Gig carvings around Ireland from 3D Sheela, an Irish based research initiative 'focusing on the digital documentation and analysis of Ireland's Sheela-na-Gig catalogue' (NSFW)
3d  sheela-na-gigs  history  carving  nsfw  models  photogrammetry 
9 days ago by jm
The 50 best sites to download STL files and 3D printable files in 2018
We have listed the best 3D models repositories and sites to download STL files for 3D printing in 2018. Find your next 3D print now!
3d  models  thingiverse  printing  download  stl 
9 days ago by tranqy
Tinkercad Designs - 26 Cool Tinkercad Ideas and Projects | All3DP
Looking for new Tinkercad ideas for your next project? Here are the 26 cool Tinkercad designs currently available on the website.
tinkercad  models 
10 days ago by tranqy
Data Science "Paint By Numbers" With Hypothesis Development Canvas
When I was a kid, I loved Paint by Numbers sets. They make anyone who can paint or color between the lines feel like Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci (we can talk later about the long-term impact of forcing kids to “stay between the lines”).
11 days ago by marshallk

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