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Interpreting random effects in linear mixed-effect models – biologyforfun
In this post I will explain how to interpret the random effects from linear mixed-effect models fitted with lmer (package lme4). For more informations on these models you can browse through the couple of posts that I made on this topic (like here, here or here).
statistics  R  modelling 
6 days ago by s.scottwhitmore
EventStorming is a flexible workshop format for collaborative exploration of complex business domains.
modelling  business  design  process 
24 days ago by alphajuliet
GitHub - highperformancecoder/minsky: A systems dynamics economics modeling software
A systems dynamics economics modeling software. Contribute to highperformancecoder/minsky development by creating an account on GitHub.
modelling  economics  systemsscience 
26 days ago by zesteur
RT : We are recruiting a on joint species distribution , to start in Feb 2019 for 2 years. Applicatio…
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26 days ago by ebuchholtz
Being An Asexual Lingerie Model - LAPP The Brand
My asexuality has never been a mystery to me. In my private life, it was more-or-less common knowledge. However, in the public sphere of my work as a model, I hadn’t announced it. While I don’t believe that anyone has to announce their sexuality or lack of it, staying quiet meant that there was a disparity between my public persona and my private one. Considering that I tried to use my modeling to spread a message about breaking stereotyping, defying norms and staying true to yourself felt like I wasn’t practicing what I preached.
YasminBenoit  Asexuality  Sexuality  LappTheBrand  Opinion  Comment  Women  BlackWomen  Modelling 
5 weeks ago by dk33per

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