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Five ways Google Pixel 3 camera pushes the boundaries of computational photography • Digital Photography Review
Rishi Sanyal:
<p>With the launch of the Google Pixel 3, smartphone cameras have taken yet another leap in capability. I had the opportunity to sit down with Isaac Reynolds, Product Manager for Camera on Pixel, and Marc Levoy, Distinguished Engineer and Computational Photography Lead at Google, to learn more about the technology behind the new camera in the Pixel 3.

One of the first things you might notice about the Pixel 3 is the single rear camera. At a time when we're seeing companies add dual, triple, even quad-camera setups, one main camera seems at first an odd choice.

But after speaking to Marc and Isaac I think that the Pixel camera team is taking the correct approach – at least for now. Any technology that makes a single camera better will make multiple cameras in future models that much better, and we've seen in the past that a single camera approach can outperform a dual camera approach in Portrait Mode, particularly when the telephoto camera module has a smaller sensor and slower lens, or lacks reliable autofocus [like the Galaxy S9].</p>

This isn't actually a test of the Pixel 3. Plenty of interesting things here; will they come to the wider range of Android, though? The Pixel is a fraction of a fraction of Android sales.

We're also approaching the point where it's only the low-light pictures that show substantial differences between generations. (Thanks stormyparis for the link.)
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4 hours ago by charlesarthur
Simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow
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8 hours ago by aerosolkid
Approximate nearest neighbor benchmark results. Find the fastest algorithms!
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12 hours ago by tobym
★ Penta online business bank account | Smart online banking
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Factorial - Free HR software - Human Resources
Automate your HR chores, reduce mistakes, and gain insights into your organization.
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home - Citra Health Solutions
Your Quality Healthcare Solution is Here.
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Flightdocs – Complete Aircraft Maintenance Management Solutions
Maintenance Tracking, Inventory Management, & Flight Operations
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Tritrials - The complete risk-based monitoring solution
R2 compliance, central monitoring and RBM made simple! OPRA is the leading platform for anyone wishing to oversee quality,…
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16 hours ago by shalmaneser
Sensor Tower - Mobile App Store Marketing Intelligence
Mobile app market leaders rely on Sensor Tower's intelligence products for vital data-driven competitive insights and understanding of the global app economy.
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