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Mitsu dealers plan store design upgrades
Last year, Mitsubishi's U.S. sales rose 14 percent, though deliveries of 118,074 light vehicles put its volume among the lowest for mass-market brands.
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11 days ago by automotive
Mitsubishi to Debut Engelberg Tourer Concept in Geneva |
Automakers says show car hints at “next-generation technology and enhanced EV performance.”
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23 days ago by automotive
Dealer council leader: Mitsubishi dealers await details on new store look
The Japanese automaker in July said it wanted to introduce new exterior and interior designs for 5,000 stores worldwide in the next several years.
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4 weeks ago by automotive
Mitsubishi Nabs Top Kia Exec For CMO 01/07/2019
Kimberley Gardiner, who has held top marketing positions at both Kia and Toyota Motor Sales USA, will replace Francine Harsini at Mitsubishi, sources tell Marketing Daily.
6 weeks ago by automotive
M16C / 6N0 / 6N1 Group Manual
Manual for the M306NBFCTFP microcontroller found in some Technisat car radios like Skoda Symphony CD SKAZ7.
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november 2018 by mnaberez
M16C/6K9 Group Manual
Manual for the M306K9FCLRP microcontroller in the REcon 2018 Brussels Toshiba laptop presentation.
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november 2018 by mnaberez
A Serial IO programmer for Renesas M16C, includes security PIN bypass.
Implements M306K9FCLRP flash security bypass from the REcon Brussels 2018 Toshiba laptop presentation.
mitsubishi  m16c 
november 2018 by mnaberez
Weird Wagons: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX Wagon | CarsGuide - OverSteer
Yes, everyone’s favourite (or second favourite… if you’re a Subaru fan…) rally-inspired JDM mod-platform/performance sedan once had a rare wagon variant.
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november 2018 by d_mac77
Mitsubishi Film Advert By Butler Shine Stern & Partners: Daughter | Ads of the World™
Film advertisement created by Butler Shine Stern & Partners, United States for Mitsubishi, within the category: Automotive.
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october 2018 by automotive

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