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This is where the lie by omission to state taxpayers that huge tax bills arr coming their way so the woul…
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This is .

Avoid it for the foreseeable future.

Look elsewhere for ed, job & biz opportunity if you are a…
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Attempt to make a tax map meets confusion, resistance. Too many taxing jurisdictions with little to no ov…
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Goober Burger
A former employee took the initiative to reopen The Wheel Inn in a new location, extending the guberburger’s life for a few more good years. Unfortunately, the second location shuttered in 2013. Even though the original location and the business behind the guberburger are gone, other local joints have taken it upon themselves to keep the legacy alive.
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Reclaim the Records.
[A not-forprofit activist group who gets public data released and put on line for free access. Records available through them include the NYState death index (1880-1956); NYCity marriage license index (1908-1995) and the Missouri birth and death indexes (1910/1965-2015).
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Missouri bill targets border war with Kansas in KC metro - The Kansas City Star
It’s an economic border war that’s raged for years in the Kansas City metro. And to its critics, it’s long past time for a truce.
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For those unfamiliar with this embarrassing episode & wonder why a Speaker of the House would be involved…
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I am looking ag product websites for nos on the impact of

Some have great info.

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Another great article on industry participation feature board member .…
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