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Muffin by maxandkiz
Sammy Winchester just found the perfect playmate, a little puppy he named Muffin. Now if he can only keep Muffin a secret from his daddy and Dean, everything will be great. Chapters: 15 - Words: 22,672.
fanfiction-net  dogs  pets  wee!chesters  wee!sam  sam!centric  gen  pre-series  humor  secrets  missing!sam  place:woods  character:john-winchester  caring!john  hurt!sam  worried!dean  character:ofc  bad-guy:omc  character:bobby-singer  ghosts 
november 2016 by mountainstomove
The Devil's Mark by vaingirl
AU. In a broken world, Dean buys back his long missing brother. But worlds don't break by accident and Sam disappeared for a reason. If Dean can save his brother then he can start to think about saving the world. Word count: 33,225
author:vaingirl  livejournal  sam/dean  wincest  angst  au  missing!sam  separated!boys  brothers-raised-apart  kidnapped!sam  bigbang  30k  powers!sam  slave!sam  hurt!sam  post-apocalypse  dark-themes  rape/noncon  raped!sam  tortured!sam  dean-to-the-rescue  meet-again-years-later  mistrusting!sam  nightmares  ptsd  character:ruby 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
Semper Familia by KatZen // MAINBLOGREC
When his dad comes back into the clearing with a scrawny kid he's just bought in tow, Dean isn't surprised. He knows Lilim aren't human, that they're creatures, like witches or wendigo. But the kid that John's got by the arm, who's pulled as far away from Dean's dad as possible without actually trying to get his arm back, the kid whose eyes don't leave John and are bright with fear, the kid who looks like he hasn't eaten in a couple of days and is obviously favoring his left leg... This kid looks an awful lot like a person. And what's more, he's the same age Sammy would have been. Words: 108,415.
sam/dean  favorite  creature!sam  brothers-raised-apart  hurt/comfort  abused!sam  caring!dean  character:john-winchester  asshole!john  missing!sam  misunderstanding  author:katzen  S  haveread  bigbang  slave!sam  scared!sam  protective!dean  100k  past-abuse  tortured!sam  emotional-hurt/comfort  monster!sam  shy!sam  camping  meet-again-years-later  kidnapped!sam  past-tragedy  past-mistakes  guilty!dean  gen  no-slash  leg-injury  teen!chesters  ao3  plot-twist  recced  powers!sam  hunt-gone-wrong  alone!sam  secret-identity  character:azazel  latin  sam-to-the-rescue  dean-to-the-rescue  hunter!dean  depressed!sam  character:ellen-harvelle  character:jo-harvelle  character:ash  character:missouri-moseley  place:woods  place:harvelle's-roadhouse 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
Pretty In Pink - Forbidden Version by munibunny
Warnings: Wincest! Dub-con, bondage, cross-dressing, public sex, language Summary: When Sam goes missing, Dean will do anything to get him back. Word Count: 3844.
author:munibunny  sam/dean  kink:crossdressing  wincest  public-sex  missing!sam  livejournal 
may 2016 by mountainstomove
It's What You Do- Ridley C James
Sam's just doing his job, but Dean is the one who has to pay for it.
Gen  PG  Ridley  C.  James  pre-series  missing!Sam  fight  John  crying  corporal  punishment  sweet 
august 2014 by wastetheyears
Ten Thousand Miles
"This isn't a story with a deeper meaning. There is no moral at the end. On December 8th, 2007, Sam Winchester walked out of the motel room he was sharing with his brother and never came back. This is the story of what happened after."
angst  au  bigbang  bobby  dean  gen  mimblexwimble  missing!sam  supernatural 
july 2009 by Sionell8

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100k  30k  abused!sam  alone!sam  angst  ao3  asshole!john  au  author:katzen  author:munibunny  author:vaingirl  bad-guy:omc  bed-sharing  bigbang  bobby  brothers-raised-apart  c.  camping  caring!dean  caring!john  character:ash  character:azazel  character:bobby-singer  character:ellen-harvelle  character:jo-harvelle  character:john-winchester  character:missouri-moseley  character:ofc  character:ruby  corporal  creature!sam  crying  dark-themes  dean-to-the-rescue  dean  depressed!sam  dogs  drinking  emotional-hurt/comfort  fanfiction-net  favorite  fight  gen  ghosts  guilty!dean  hangover  hanna  haveread  humor  hunt-gone-wrong  hunter!dean  hurt!dean  hurt!sam  hurt/comfort  james  john  k  kidnapped!sam  kink:crossdressing  korossy  latin  leg-injury  livejournal  meet-again-years-later  mimblexwimble  missouri  mistrusting!sam  misunderstanding  monster!sam  nightmares  no-slash  older!sam  past-abuse  past-mistakes  past-tragedy  pets  pg-13  pg  place:harvelle's-roadhouse  place:woods  plot-twist  post-apocalypse  powers!sam  pre-series  protective!dean  ptsd  public-sex  punishment  rape/noncon  raped!sam  recced  ridley  s  sam!centric  sam/dean  sam-to-the-rescue  sazzlette  scared!sam  secret-identity  secrets  separated!boys  shy!sam  slash  slave!sam  supernatural  sweet  teen!chesters  thought-dead  tortured!sam  wee!chesters  wee!sam  wincest  worried!dean 

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