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Paula Cole : Songwriter Interviews
Oh, yeah. Misunderstood. Flop. My manager said, "Time to sell the house" - basically, give up. My heart hurt so much and I hated the fashion statement element of pop. That's not who I am, that's not who I was. I'd never even watched the Grammys before I was on it and then I had hairy armpits and they made such a big fuss about it. I was touring in Europe where they don't even give a fuck about that. I came back and it was just weird, and I said, "Fuck this!"

I didn't want it. I wanted to live my own life, privately, and make meaningful music. And if it sells, it sells, and if it doesn't, it doesn't, but I didn't want to be part of that anymore.
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20 hours ago by dirtystylus
Michelle Carter and How Misogyny Infiltrates Criminal Trials
My former law professor and author John Powell wrote that “associations of the unconscious mind are largely formed by our environment, society, and culture.” He continued that “certain images become paired in our unconscious mind,” and “when two images appear repeatedly and frequently, the unconscious mind will connect them.” So it’s crucial that we examine our gut reactions to women in the public eye and realize whether they’re based on evidence or internalized misogyny.

You might be thinking: Michelle Carter is a girl who told her boyfriend to get back into a car filled with deadly fumes. Who cares if we are unfairly stereotyping her?
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5 days ago by paniedejmirade
Kamala Harris Deserves Better Than Sexist Criticism About Her Personal Life | The Nation
Of course, her female Democratic rivals have their own troubles with sexism: Gillibrand is being bitterly (and absolutely unfairly) blamed for Senator Al Franken’s 2017 resignation, in the wake of eight charges that he touched women inappropriately, while Warren has had to endure comparisons with Hillary Clinton on the grounds that she is similarly “unlikable.” (So far, criticism of Tulsi Gabbard has stayed political, thankfully, focused on her support for Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad and her history of opposition to LGBT rights.) The most heartening development in this election cycle, though, is that the supporters of these Democratic female rivals are sticking together, vowing to have one another’s backs and beat back the sexists this time around. On Twitter Sunday afternoon I saw women who work for other candidates defending Harris passionately. That told me there will be millions of women working to blunt this attack on the California senator—even if they go on to vote for another woman, or even for a man.
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20 days ago by Quercki
Barack Was Black, Hillary Was a Woman—Can Kamala Harris Face Down the Challenge of Being Both?
But most of all, it is living with the double whammy of both race and gender. Senator Kamala Harris has been negotiating this minefield all her life. I know this because I have, too. That is because black women, unlike any other group of people, live with the unique burden of both race and gender. And we get neither of the benefits.

What do I mean? Former President Barack Obama is a black man. So, while many did not think a black person could win the presidency, the fact is that his maleness in 2008 was an asset. He was juxtaposed against Hillary Clinton, a white woman, who was being viewed through the lens of what her hair looked like. What was she wearing? Could she keep her philandering former president husband in line? Was she up to the job of president? Would she be emotional. And on and on.
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“You Can’t Eat Straight Spice!”: Good Lies, Bad Concepts, and A Phenomenology of Desire: An Interview with Andrea Long Chu | Columbia Journal of Literary Criticism
But having that analysis usually doesn’t make you stop wanting what you want. An example of this is self-loathing. Say you are a woman, a feminist woman: you look in the mirror and say, “I don’t like my nose, I can see a double chin coming in, I don’t like my gut.” You can run all your feminist analyses of patriarchy, beauty standards, the cosmetics industry, the fashion industry, Hollywood, Instagram, all of these forces. You can be a very good Foucauldian about the whole thing—but still you don’t feel better. Not only do you not feel better, you probably feel worse because now what little agential leeway that you’ve pried open through critical analysis is now being spent on still hating yourself. So feminism didn’t actually make you feel better, it just proved that you’re politically retrograde. So now you’re ugly and stupid.
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