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"Social learning and partisan bias in the interpretation of climate trends." Proceedings of the National Academy of the Sciences, 2018.  | Annenberg School for Communication
Vital scientific communications are frequently misinterpreted by the lay public as a result of motivated reasoning, where people misconstrue data to fit their political and psychological biases. In the case of climate change, some people have been found to systematically misinterpret climate data in ways that conflict with the intended message of climate scientists. While prior studies have attempted to reduce motivated reasoning through bipartisan communication networks, these networks have also been found to exacerbate bias. Popular theories hold that bipartisan networks amplify bias by exposing people to opposing beliefs. These theories are in tension with collective intelligence research, which shows that exchanging beliefs in social networks can facilitate social learning, thereby improving individual and group judgments. However, prior experiments in collective intelligence have relied almost exclusively on neutral questions that do not engage motivated reasoning. Using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, we conducted an online experiment to test how bipartisan social networks can influence subjects’ interpretation of climate communications from NASA. Here, we show that exposure to opposing beliefs in structured bipartisan social networks substantially improved the accuracy of judgments among both conservatives and liberals, eliminating belief polarization. However, we also find that social learning can be reduced, and belief polarization maintained, as a result of partisan priming. We find that increasing the salience of partisanship during communication, both through exposure to the logos of political parties and through exposure to the political identities of network peers, can significantly reduce social learning.
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In Cooch Behar, BJP’s social media boss is 36-year-old shop owner who juggles 1,114 WhatsApp groups | Elections News, The Indian Express
In Cooch Behar, BJP’s social media boss is 36-year-old shop owner who juggles 1,114 WhatsApp groups
According to Dipak Das, he was trained in social media by the BJP state IT cell in Kolkata. “I have even participated in a session chaired by party president Amit Shah in Howrah. He called us IT yodhas and gave us a list of dos and don’ts in social media,” he says.
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BJP's election weapon: How the mobile phone is shaping to be BJP's most important weapon in elections - The Economic Times
In the state elections, the BJP will embark on a booth-level social media strategy, where a worker is expected to not just disseminate messages using WhatsApp, but also regularly use the Modi app. “In Rajasthan, the BJP IT cell has an entire team dedicated to the NaMo app, which shows how seriously it wants to use it during the elections,” says the person quoted earlier. Party sources say many workers in the state IT cell have switched to JioPhone over the past few months.
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Opinion | Meet the Man Behind Trump’s Biden Tweet - The New York Times
In theory, his story is a perfect realization of the utopian understanding of the utopian promise of the internet: a truly democratic system of communication where anyone, anywhere can create things and get them seen by important people — even the president!

But in keeping with our current political moment, that utopian vision is used for vapid, divisive ends. The reality, as we should all know by now, is darker and a whole lot dumber.
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YouTube’s PewDiePie amplified anti-Semitic rhetoric. Again. - Vox
On one side lies many overlapping subcultures that make up huge swaths of the YouTube population: its tremendous gaming communities, including Let’s Play-ers, live streamers, machinima-style editors, and vloggers; its prank cultures and their overlap with stunt personalities like Jake and Logan Paul; and its increasingly insidious alt-right presence.

On the other side lie many, many YouTube users who visit the site for other reasons and other forms of entertainment, and who arguably aren’t interested in supporting the cult of personalities that might be said to represent “old-school” YouTube. Instead, they come to the site for music, memes, narrative media, instructional videos, and more general forms of content consumption and entertainment.
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