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Congrats for the Best Independent Feature Animation at the 46th Annie Award!
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16 days ago by richardy
Thank you director of for talking diversity and inclusion with team LXiA.
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16 days ago by richardy
Today we have the cast and director of the Academy Award nominated animated film ! Here’s ,…
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16 days ago by richardy
Courts Hand Down Hard Jail Time for DDoS
A 34-year-old Connecticut man received a whopping 10-year prison sentence for carrying out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against a number of hospitals in 2014. Also last week, a 30-year-old in the United Kingdom was sentenced to 32 months in jail for using an army of hacked devices to crash large portions of Liberia’s Internet access in 2016.
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5 weeks ago by SecurityFeed
ごぼうさんのツイート: "←14歳 19歳→… "
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8 weeks ago by pillow

"We've got an exclusive video clip from the gorgeous animated film , Japanese auteur M…
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10 weeks ago by dscassel
もやし🐻さんのツイート: "まんが描こうとしてたんだけど何描こうとしてたかさっぱり忘れたので見れるとこ切り取って供養…… "
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10 weeks ago by pillow
ガンマさんのツイート: "… "
魔法つかいプリキュア!の朝日奈みらいのセリフである「ワクワクもんだぁ!」詰め画像 からの、ビルス様による一切のわくわく禁止令4コマ。このみらい(だけでなく魔法ファミリーみんな)のワクワクもんキャプ画像を集めたのはすごいなぁ。
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10 weeks ago by pillow
Mirai co-author gets six months confinement, $8.6m in fines for Rutgers attacks • Krebs on Security
Brian Krebs:
<p>Paras Jha, a 22-year-old computer whiz from Fanwood, N.J., was studying computer science at Rutgers when he developed Mirai along with two other convicted co-conspirators. According to sentencing memo submitted by government prosecutors, in his freshman and sophomore years at Rutgers Jha used a collection of hacked devices to launch at least four distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against the university’s networks.

Jha told investigators he carried out the attacks not for profit but purely for personal, juvenile reasons: “He reveled in the uproar caused by the first attack, which he launched to delay upper-classmen registration for an advanced computer science class he wanted to take,” the government’s sentencing memo stated. “The second attack was launched to delay his calculus exam. The last two attacks were motivated in part by the publicity and outrage” his previous attacks had generated. Jha would later drop out of Rutgers after struggling academically.

In January 2017, almost a year before Jha’s arrest and guilty plea, KrebsOnSecurity identified Jha as the likely co-author of Mirai — which sprang to notoriety after a record-smashing Sept. 2016 attack that sidelined this Web site for nearly four days.

That story posited that Jha, operating under the pseudonyms “Ogmemes” and “OgRichardStallman,” gave interviews with a local paper in which he taunted Rutgers and encouraged the school to consider purchasing some kind of DDoS protection service to ward off future attacks. At the time, Jha was president and co-founder of ProTraf Solutions, a DDoS mitigation firm that provided just such a service.</p>

The case of Mirai, and Jha, is part of a chapter in my book Cyber Wars; Krebs's detective work in piecing together the tiny clues he left (accidentally) to his online identity was outstanding. That may not have been how the FBI tracked Jha down, but after Krebs's work it became Jha's task to deny it, because the evidence was so overwhelming.

Of note is that prosecutors didn't push for jail time because Jha and two co-conspirators "helped investigators with multiple other ongoing cybercrime investigations". Jha was thus already on five years' probation. And that $8.6m is going to be hard to find, at least legally.
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october 2018 by charlesarthur
黒河真琴さんのツイート: "みらいちゃん… "
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october 2018 by pillow
黒河真琴さんのツイート: "みらリコ末永く隙あらばイチャイチャしろ… "
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october 2018 by pillow

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