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Young Dalit activists speak out at the UN Minority Forum on youth and inclusion
Young Dalit activists played an active role at the 2017 Forum on Minority Issues, which took place in Geneva from 30 November to 1 December. Dalit women from Nepal and India, forming part of an IDSN delegation, gave powerful presentations under the theme of Minority youth: towards diverse and inclusive societies. They explained to participants how deeply ingrained caste-based discrimination continues to pose severe obstacles to equal participation in most aspects of life and how social media offers both new opportunities for change and new challenges.
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(In)Equality in Aid discussed at the 9th session of the Forum on Minority Issues (IDSN News, 2016)
The 9th session of the Forum on Minority Issues (the Forum) was held last week, on 24 and 25 November 2016, focusing on the situation of minorities in humanitarian crises. The Forum provides a unique opportunity for state representatives, experts, civil society and minority communities, and specialised bodies to engage in a constructive dialogue and seek ways to strengthen the protection and promotion of minority rights in prevention, crisis situations and the aftermath.
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UN Minority Forum: Dalit rights defenders deliver statements on shocking lack of justice for Dalits (IDSN News)
Three Dalit human rights defenders spoke at the UN Forum on Minority Issues. Durga Sob, from Nepal, and Manjula Pradeep and Ramesh Nathan from India, delivered strong statements on the dismal state of access to justice for Dalits and the mistreatment of Dalits in the criminal justice system.
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Statment on Yemen at Minority Forum 2014 - All Youth Network
I am Sami Al-Naggar, representative of All Youth Network for Community Development and a member of the marginalized community in Yemen.
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Violence and atrocities against Dalits debated at the UN Forum on Minority Issues
Dalit activists spoke at the UN Forum on Minority Issues to highlight the issue of violence against Dalits in South Asia and the lack of access to justice for victims. They also pointed to ways forward in redressing and preventing these crimes.
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