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Alibaba acquires Berlin-based data Artisans for $103M | Hacker News
The comment on the first question and its replies are really interesting.
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9 days ago by MarcK
The Guide to Insecurities You’ve Been Waiting For : zen habits
“We often use the term “insecure” to negatively label a person who doubts themselves, but in truth, no one is free from feeling insecure. We feel self-doubt, we feel anger that stems from a feeling of insecurity, we feel fear and groundlessness and frustration. All of this comes from the insecurity of the uncertainty of life.

And none of it is a problem.”
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12 days ago by colm.mcmullan
Opportunity Book (.pdf) | Eben Pagan

The Emotional Game of Opportunity
Opportunity Shock
The Emotional Side of Opportunity
The Complexity of Emotion
The Fear Instinct
Fear & Cognitive Biases
Discovery in the Light & Darkness
The Stress of Increasing Opportunity
Cool, Calm, Collected
Receive Your Gifts From the Universe
The Ethics & Morals of Opportunity
Mental Models for Creating Opportunity
The Latticework
Build a “Mental Dragonfly Eye”
Shifting Between Models
Opportunifying Your Mind & Preparing Yourself for Opportunity
The Riddle of Value
Another Valuable Mental Model
The Pareto Principle
The Opportunity of Learning
Future-Proof Knowledge & Skills
Experiential Learning
Competence, Then Integrate
Learning for a Higher Purpose
Mindsets for Seeing Opportunity
The Growth Mindset
Unique Genius
The Critical Counter-Intuitive
How Much is Too Much?
Strengthen Your Strength & Your Weakness
Thinking, Planning, & Living in Longer Time-Horizons
Where & How to Find Opportunity
Finding Opportunity at the Edges
Opportunity Shopping
Go Out Looking
Opportunity Spotting
Build a Lucky Self Image
Opportunity Signals
Look Beyond Business & Money
Social Models of Opportunity
The Leading Fringe
Your Opportunity Network
Mastermind: The Ultimate High-Leverage Tool for Self-Evolution
Opportunity Estimation
Emotional Estimation
Value Myopia
The Power of Estimation
Practice Estimating Within 20%
Assume a 20% Success Rate
Opportunity Evaluation
Return on Experience
Opportunity Cost
Return on Investment
Opportunity Selection & Negotiation
Evolution is About Adaptation & Selection
Wait, Wait, Wait, Commit!
How Many “HAPS” Will This Opportunity Give You?
Checking in With All Levels of Your Being
Opportunity Negotiation
Opportunity Design
Design Thinking
Design Paradigms
Visual Design Principles
Opportunity Testing & Validation
Physical Variation
Trustable Data
Observe Customers Using Your Product
Key Types of Feedback
Opportunity Iteration, Scaling & Management
Go for Version 3.0
Scaling & Management
Follow Your Winners
The Sign to Watch for
Stars Only
Opportunity Innovation & Collaboration
Vertical Innovation
Infinite Pent Up Emergent Value
Scenario Planning
Opportunity Collaboration
My Favorite Opportunity in Business
A Few Important “Information Economy” Frames
My Journey With Knowledge Products
Some Knowledge is Worth a Lot More to Others
Begin With Coaching
Online Courses
Other Information Business Models
The Opportunity to Create a Fulfilling Life
The Art of the Passion Project
Go on a Personal Vision Quest
The Transformational Dilemma
Design an Evolving Life
The Weighing of the Heart
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16 days ago by mikeaarts
EMAIL - Day 1 is here! [OPEN UP]
Yet, when we really boil it down, what makes someone a massive success, versus someone struggling for years?

It’s really simple.

The mindset behind the Entrepreneur is everything.

If you don’t have sales, it’s your mindset.
If your marketing isn’t working.
if you don’t have money in the bank.
If your team isn’t working for you.
If you can’t hit your goals…

It’s all your mindset.

We’ve yet to find an Entrepreneur who isn’t blocked by their mindset.
If you make $0 a month, $20,000 a month or $200,000 a month.

Your mindset will dictate EXACTLY what will happen in your life.
And your life will dictate what happens in your business.

It’s why constantly evolving your mindset (we call these mindset upgrades) is so important for Entrepreneurs.

Because if Entrepreneurs truly step into their visionary and evolutionary leadership--the problems of the world will become solutions.
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18 days ago by lwhlihu
Entrepreneurial Mindset: 5 Characteristics to Cultivate | Accion
(1) positive mental attitude, (2) a creative mindset, (3) persuasive communication ability, (4) intrinsic motivation and drive, (5)tenacity and an ability to learn from failure.
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19 days ago by jeromekatz
» Entrepreneurial Mindset
NFTE has developed the framework for this quintessentially entrepreneurial mindset, drawing on our depth of experience teaching entrepreneurship to young people. Scale in development with ETS. Subscales: initiative, flexibility, communication, creativity, critical thinking, future orientation, opportunity recognition, comfort with risk.
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19 days ago by jeromekatz

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