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Why does time seem to pass at different speeds?
Does time really speed up as we get older?
theories: proportional, biological (heart rate, temperature), perceptual.

[3 jul 2011]
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Long-lasting mental health isn’t normal
Only 17 percent of people surveyed had no mental disorders from late childhood into middle age.

Science News | 2017
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Green spaces linked to kids cognitive development
When children play in nature, their cognitive abilities blossom

PSMag |
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Beginner’s Mind
"Borrowing from Suzuki, think about it this way: Experts may have the best answers, but beginners have the best questions. Experts may have very little to learn, beginners have everything to learn."
Via Jeremiah Lee
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#963: “My husband’s extreme environmental beliefs are a problem. How can I get him to give up this obsession?” | Captain Awkward
"The phrase we use in my house is “liquid anxiety”. Solid anxiety has its own shape, and once the source is dealt with (“I passed the test I was anxious about!”), the anxiety goes away (“I feel so much better now!”). Liquid anxiety pours itself into a container and takes the shape of that container, and removing the container just leads to the anxiety pouring itself into another container (“I passed the test but now I’m worried about my final paper!”) until the feeling of anxiety itself is directly addressed (with anxiolytics, hot baths, therapy, whatever works)." - Rose Fox
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1o1q5g - Vid.ly
Nice little kids breathing video from Class Dojo
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An app that helps you sleep, built on cognitive science, that takes counting sheep to the next level — Quartz
A cognitive scientist may have solved a familiar sleep riddle: If you struggle to fall asleep, you're likely to keep thinking about how you can't fall asleep, which makes it harder to fall asleep. So how do you stop thinking about your struggle to sleep? Luc Beaudoin of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, has invented...
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What Trump’s Simplified Language Means
"Evan Osnos writes in The New Yorker titled “How Trump Could Get Fired,” ...that over 50,000 mental-health physicians have signed a petition declaring Trump, based on copious observational data, is “too seriously mentally ill to perform the duties of president and should be removed” under the 25th Amendment to the Constitution."
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