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The importance of just starting | Crew Backstage
“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself.” When Bonnie Ware, a nurse who cared for patients in their final weeks, published the most
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Beyond humans, what other kinds of minds might be out there? | Aeon Essays
In 1984, the philosopher Aaron Sloman invited scholars to describe ‘the space of possible minds’. Sloman’s phrase alludes to the fact that human minds, in all their variety, are not the only sorts of minds.
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We’re All a Little Biased, Even if We Don’t Know It - The New York Times
“Someone will say, ‘I’m tired of being called a racist,’ ” he said. To which he explains that racism and implicit bias aren’t interchangeable.

“That wrong formulation is so ingrained,” Mr. Goff said. “That’s what’s dangerous. It’s so easy to call it a slight, and if that metastasizes in our political discourse, we really have lost out on an incredible opportunity to take great strides forward.”

He fears that implicit bias could become a political trope, dismissed as an insult and not as science, or worse, tugged into the realm of political correctness. He acknowledges that the left mistreats the topic, too, citing implicit bias as a catchall to explain all the forces of racial unfairness in society that aren’t bigotry.

In fact, implicit bias is just one of many psychological processes that shape how we interact with one another. We also tend to be better at remembering the faces of people in our own racial group, or to subconsciously favor people in our group. The fear of being stereotyped psychologically weighs on people, too. In police training, Mr. Goff has watched officers using other kinds of mental shortcuts in which they assume “active shooters” must be men. He now talks more broadly about “identity traps” that encompass implicit biases and much more.

The challenge, he argues, isn’t to eliminate biases, but to try to interrupt them so we can act more often in ways that line up with our values. Researchers, though, still have a lot to learn about how to do that. And it would be unfortunate, Mr. Goff argued, if implicit bias became politically unmentionable right at the moment when science was trying to uncover the answer.
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Why are size 14 clothes hidden away at Manchester's exclusive designer stores? - Manchester Evening News
"City centre department stores like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols are 'hiding away' size 14 and above female fashions in stock rooms, displaying smaller dress sizes instead "
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Request for Comments on “Playing Through the Pain” — Thiemeworks
The real cost of security work and professional intelligence goes beyond dollars. It is measured in family life, relationships, and mental and physical well-being. The divorce rate is as high among intelligence professionals as it is among medical professionals, for good reason – how can relationships be based on openness and trust when one’s primary commitments make truth-telling and disclosure impossible?

One CIA veteran wrote: “I was for a while an observer to the Personnel Management working group in the DO. I noted they/we were obscenely proud of having the highest rates of alcoholism, adultery, divorce, and suicide in the US Government. I personally have 23 professional suicides in my mental logbook, the first was an instructor that blew his brains out with a shotgun when I was in training. The latest have tended to be senior figures who could not live with what they knew.”
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12 Tones A Vi Hart Video
Watch this. It's 30 minutes, but recommended by a student (Mason) in 2016
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Men in Blazers 09/28/16: Arsene Wenger Pod Special by Men In Blazers on #SoundCloud
Eternally optimistic, trusting his team to deliver, thinking forward, maintaining focus, being humble, be an educator, develop the qualities of each player so 1+1+1… is more than 11.

"People want to come and see an experience that fulfils them."

"In my job the main quality is to be an optimist."

"You meet in your life the possibility to share the values that are important to you."
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