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Is Mindfulness Meditation BS?
"It’s true, on the one hand, that many devotees of meditation are pursuing the practice in a basically therapeutic spirit. And that includes many who follow Buddhist meditation teachers and even go on extended retreats. It’s also true that mindfulness meditation, as typically taught to these people, bears only a partial resemblance to mindfulness meditation as described in ancient texts.

"Nonetheless, the average mindfulness meditator is closer to the ancient contemplative tradition, and to transformative insights, than you might think. Though things like stress reduction or grappling with melancholy or remorse or self-loathing may seem “therapeutic,” they are organically connected to the very roots of Buddhist philosophy. What starts out as a meditation practice with modest aims can easily, and very naturally, go deeper."

"Indeed, I think the reason I felt so favorably disposed toward other beings when the bounds of my self dissolved wasn’t just the dissolution per se. A big factor was that all the self-centered preoccupations that keep us from appreciating other beings — and sometimes make us envy, resent, even hate other beings — were not part of my self at that moment."

-- Robert Wright
Wired | wired.com | 12 aug 2017
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Medical Xpress - medical research advances and health news
Lots of interesting studies. Many topics and conditions.

Medical Xpress | medicalxpress.com | retr 20 aug 2017
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Putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects in the brain
"A new brain imaging study by UCLA psychologists reveals why verbalizing our feelings makes our sadness, anger and pain less intense.
"Another study, with the same participants and three of the same members of the research team, combines modern neuroscience with ancient Buddhist teachings to provide the first neural evidence for why “mindfulness” — the ability to live in the present moment, without distraction — seems to produce a variety of health benefits."

"'This is such an exciting study because it brings together the Buddha’s teachings — more than 2,500 years ago, he talked about the benefits of labeling your experience — with modern neuroscience,' Creswell said. 'Now, for the first time since those teachings, we have shown there is actually a neurological reason for doing mindfulness meditation. Our findings are consistent with what mindfulness meditation teachers have taught for thousands of years.'"

Source: University of California - Los Angeles | 22 jun 2007
(but the original is weirdly spaced and copying is blocked.)

Medical Express | medicalexpress.com | 23 jun 2007
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CMap Concept Map for iPad and computer
Cmap software is a result of research conducted at the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC). It empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps.
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Bruce Lee: Be Like Water (Inspirational) | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Bruce Lee: Be like drinking water (Inspirational) Bruce Lee: Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless like drinking water if you put drinking water in the cup it turns into the cup and drinking water can stream or it can crash. Bruce Lee: Be like drinking water (Inspirational)
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Psychologists have developed the first scientific test of everyday charisma – Research Digest
Removing any redundancy, the researchers ended up with a six-item self-report measure of charisma loading onto two main factors to do with having influence over others (including being able to guide them) and coming across as affable (being able to make others feel comfortable and at ease).

Participants taking the new test are asked to rate their agreement on a five-point scale from 1 Strongly Disagree to 5 Strongly Agree, whether “I am someone who…”:

Has a presence in a room
Has the ability to influence people
Knows how to lead a group
Makes people feel comfortable
Smiles at people often
Can get along with anyone
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