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Revealed: How Leave.EU faked migrant footage – Channel 4 News
An investigation by Channel 4 News also reveals how Arron Banks' pro-Brexit group appears to have staged photos of migrants attacking women in London
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9 weeks ago by harcesz
Exclusive: Military’s ‘persona’ software
One use that's confirmed, however, is the manipulation of social media through the use of fake online "personas" managed by the military. Raw Story recently reported that the US Air Force had solicited private sector vendors for something called "persona management software." Such a technology would allow single individuals to command virtual armies of fake, digital "people" across numerous social media portals.
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march 2011 by zzkt
American Legion Pushes For Brain-Injury Treatment : The Two-Way : NPR
Cognitive rehabilitation therapy is designed to retrain the brain to do basic tasks such as memorization and word recall. Tricare, which covers nearly four million service members and many veterans, refuses to pay for the treatment, pointing to a study it funded in 2009 that found a lack of scientific evidence showing the therapy is effective.<br />
<br />
But a report by NPR and ProPublica showed that Tricare's study came under attack from top brain specialists in confidential reviews.<br />
<br />
<br />
Some called the study "deeply flawed" and a "misuse" of science for failing to consider all the evidence. Our investigation also found that Tricare officials had ignored the recommendations of a Pentagon panel, federal health organizations and other studies, which endorsed the treatment.
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january 2011 by Michael.Massing
Russia inflates its military with blow-up weapons
The Russian military has come up with an inventive way to deceive the enemy and save money at the same time: inflatable weapons.
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october 2010 by zzkt
t r u t h o u t | A Simple Way to End This Recession ... Forever
But wait, what about those Ospreys? What about the $31 billion spent on spiffy, dysfunctional helicopters we absolutely do not need, even if they did work? What about the billions stolen by US "defense" contractors in an orgy of fraud in Iraq? What about the $1 trillion allocated this year alone for the "national defense" budget?
Just dumping the Osprey program would have given us enough money to pay for the disasters in Tennessee and the Gulf, with a whole lot left over to help those affected by the recession and the Wall Street thievery. Shaving the tiniest percent off the 2010 "defense" budget would feed, clothe and educate every person of woman born in the United States, and we'd still have the most awesomely formidable military arsenal in the history of the galaxy....
We close libraries, cut education budgets, tax everything, and borrow from our children's future instead of tapping into the awesome reservoir of taxpayer cash shoveled into the Pentagon each and every year.
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august 2010 by Michael.Massing
The New Lost Generation | Foreign Policy
During the first half of 2009, more American soldiers committed suicide than were killed in combat.
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august 2010 by zzkt
Phonetic Alphabets
I am reading this and listening to numbers stations. My brane hurts.
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july 2009 by mildlydiverting
kilcullen_28_articles.pdf (application/pdf Object)
David Kilcullen "Twenty-Eight Articles. Fundamentals of Company-level Counterinsurgency"
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june 2009 by zzkt

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