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The three lives of Blizzard Entertainment | Polygon
"The idea was to take all of the lessons that we learned from World of Warcraft [and start over] ... It turns out it’s still really complicated." [ ... ] One thing regarding Titan became clear: It wasn’t shaping up. [... Hearthstone ...] "Honestly, selling the game internally was one of our biggest challenges," Chayes says. "It felt very different to a lot of the people here. And rightly so! It just feels different. That evangelizing effort was always a big challenge for us." [...] "It’s the era we’re in," Metzen says. "In my house, most of the gaming is all tablets now. I can barely get the tablets out of my kids’ hands. We’re very confident PC developers. But I think given the way the world has changed, we need to be receptive to the idea that we need to follow what’s right for the products." [...] [>>!] steady stream of new content[.] [...] "unbounded creativity"[.]
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EA’s Stock Is Riding High(ish) Again, but Did Titanfall Do Enough? | Re/code
That digital overtake last year was driven by growth both in mobile games like The Simpsons: Tapped Out and console games with microtransactions baked in, like the then-current soccer title FIFA 13. However, Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment pointedly declined to include microtransactions in its game, but will have some paid downloadable content starting this month.
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'Gran Turismo 6' microtransaction details surface
The upcoming racer’s microtransactions have been detailed, revealing a 4 tier pricing system for buying in-game currency. It’s no secret that the upcoming PS3 exclusive Gran Turismo 6 will include microstransactions; a first for the series. However, the details of how exactly these would work in the game was kept under wraps till now. With [...]

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‘Gran  Turismo  6′  microtransaction  details  surface 
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Starbucks Card Mobile App | Starbucks Coffee Company
Basally, this displays a barcode for the barrista to scan in that effectively gives you a free X, coupled with some backend code to authorize you to show that barcode at that time (via stored payment credentials such as a registered credit card) so the issue is, is the barcode the same all the time for the same drink, or is it dynamic? If it isn't dynamic, there will be a world of hurt...
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