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ReFS integrity is not on by default
So how do I trigger a scrub, a check of all checksums? Ha ha ha, you can’t. Because Microsoft is retarded. They’re going with the bullshit “Oh you don’t need to!”, completely ignoring that what I want to find out is if my physical disks are failing, or have corrupted data.
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37 minutes ago by mikael
Upgrading the Database - Dynamics NAV | Microsoft Docs
This article describes the tasks required for upgrading from the earlier versions of database to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018.
microsoft  system  2018  symbols  nav  applications  dynamics 
7 hours ago by janhoek
Google and Facebook are gobbling up the internet's subsea cables | WIRED UK
Google, Facebook and Microsoft don't just control all our data, now they're taking control of the underwater cables that whizz it around the world
undersea  cable  ownership  Google  Facebook  Microsoft  amazon 
14 hours ago by stevesong
Microsoft patches Windows zero-day used by multiple cyber-espionage groups | ZDNet
Microsoft released today its monthly roll-up of security patches known as Patch Tuesday. This month, the Redmond-based company has fixed 62 security flaws. via Pocket
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17 hours ago by evansthompson
Automating String Processing in Spreadsheets using Input-Output Examples - Microsoft Research
We describe the design of a string programming/expression language that supports restricted forms of regular expressions, conditionals and loops. The language is expressive enough to represent a wide variety of string manipulation tasks that end-users struggle with. We describe an algorithm based on several novel concepts for synthesizing a desired program in this language from input-output examples. The synthesis algorithm is very efficient taking fraction of a second for various benchmark examples. The synthesis algorithm is interactive and has several desirable features: it can rank multiple solutions and has fast convergence, it can detect noise in the user input, and it supports an active interaction model wherein the user is prompted to provide outputs on inputs that may have multiple computational interpretations.

The algorithm has been implemented as an interactive add-in for Microsoft Excel spreadsheet system. The prototype tool has met the golden test – it has synthesized part of itself, and has been used to solve problems beyond authors’ imagination.
learning-from-data  microsoft  software-synthesis  rather-interesting  pattern-discovery  to-write-about 
21 hours ago by Vaguery
Great touch by restricted entity warnings when navigating the CDS - so you know any licensing issues you…
Microsoft  from twitter_favs
22 hours ago by jukkan
Nieuwe VS Cloud Act & Europese privacy
Cloud Act: ‘Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act’
europe  privacy  microsoft  cloud  usa  eu  trump 
yesterday by geekzter
Google Cloud CEO Greene being replaced by former Oracle exec Kurian
Amazon Web Services controls 34 percent of the cloud infrastructure services market, according to Synergy Research. Microsoft is second at about 15 percent, followed by IBM in third and Google in fourth, both with market share in the single digits.

Alphabet raised eyebrows in its earnings call last month, when the company gave less information than it had in the past on the size and growth rate of the cloud unit.

In February, Pichai told analysts that the total cloud business, which includes applications for email, word processing and spreadsheets as well as public cloud infrastructure, was generating more than $1 billion in revenue per quarter. He said that, based on publicly available data from 2017, it was likely growing faster than any of its rivals.

But when asked for an update in October, Pichai neglected to offer specifics, saying only that he's seeing "strong indicators" that the investment is paying off and that enterprise wins "turn into larger revenue deals over time."

Some analysts were unimpressed.
cloud  aws  google  ibm  market-research  microsoft  azure 
2 days ago by activescott
Microsoft is retiring HockeyApp on November 16, 2019 | VentureBeat
Microsoft has revealed that it is sunsetting HockeyApp, the beta-testing service for app developers, on November 16, 2019. via Pocket
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2 days ago by evansthompson

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