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The ecology of the microbiome: Networks, competition, and stability | Science
The human gut harbors a large and complex community of beneficial microbes that remain stable over long periods. This stability is considered critical for good health but is poorly understood. Here we develop a body of ecological theory to help us understand microbiome stability. Although cooperating networks of microbes can be efficient, we find that they are often unstable. Counterintuitively, this finding indicates that hosts can benefit from microbial competition when this competition dampens cooperative networks and increases stability. More generally, stability is promoted by limiting positive feedbacks and weakening ecological interactions. We have analyzed host mechanisms for maintaining stability—including immune suppression, spatial structuring, and feeding of community members—and support our key predictions with recent data
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Is there anyone at who will be attending the conference sponsored by uBiome? Will it be…
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YouTube -- RussiaToday: Childhood infections linked to mental illness – study
'A new major study using health data from more than a million people has found a link between childhood infections [treated with anti-biotics], both serious and mild, and an increased risk of mental health disorders in later life.' -- Got microbiome?
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