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Tech tip - multi-factor authentication (aka ) is mandated by most enterprises. Learn about 's extensive s…
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17 days ago by etalk
Honest question for devotees: Assuming a blue trifecta in 2020 *and* killing the filibuster (which I support),…
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17 days ago by andriak
California Institute of the Arts Summer Residency
California Institute of the Arts welcomes applications to its Summer Art Residency, located on campus in Valencia, CA. Led by the CalArts School of Art, this five-week residency offers an opportunity for emerging and/or mid-career artists working in all disciplines to advance their work in an immersive studio environment. The Summer Art Residency enables you to construct your own experience by selecting from a dynamic program of events, field trips, workshops, seminars and independent studio time, supported by access to diverse creative practitioners.

Residents pay $3,300 in 2019.

Program fees cover access to a private studio/workspace, residency coordination, and some meals (organized around events) for the duration of the residency. On-campus housing is available—see below.

This residency is not available for credit.
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18 days ago by risdgrants
My diploma has arrived! Master of Fine Arts in Nonfiction courtesy of . Yeah buddy.

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20 days ago by jamuraa
Frequently Asked | Krypton
this is really cool; supports anything that works with U2F sec keys. also works with SSH. consider using this to replace my fucking frustrating google auth keys.
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4 weeks ago by jowj
CISA Emergency Directive 19-01: Doing Things the Easy Way in Splunk
Action One: This action requires that within 10 business days agencies audit all public DNS records (on authoritative and secondary DNS servers) for .gov or other agency-managed domains to ensure that they resolve to the intended location. If any do not these should be reported to CISA

Action Two: This action requires that within 10 business days, the passwords for all accounts on systems that can make changes to each agency’s DNS records be updated.

Action Three: This action requires that within 10 business days, multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all accounts on systems that can make changes to each agency’s DNS records be implemented. [Note: CISA provides additional guidance for cases where MFA cannot be achieved within the allotted time range].

Action Four: This action requires that within 10 business days, agencies begin monitoring Certificate Transparency logs, provided by CISA via the Cyber Hygiene service, and assess whether any newly issued certificates were unauthorized.
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5 weeks ago by bwiese
Two Factor Auth List |
List of sites with Two Factor Auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.
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5 weeks ago by kme

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