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A Major Alcohol Study Was Compromised. How Many Others Are Out There?
But last month, the National Institutes of Health took the unusual step of shutting down one of its own clinical trials — a $100 million dollar experiment gone wrong. The announcement followed an internal investigation, prompted by a dogged New York Times report, that uncovered inappropriate interactions between the alcohol industry (Anheuser-Busch InBev, Heineken, and others) and the NIAAA in the execution of MACH15.
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2 days ago by kmt
Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis? | The BMJ
Trisha Greenhalgh and colleagues argue that, although evidence based medicine has had many benefits, it has also had some negative unintended consequences. They offer a preliminary agenda for the movement’s renaissance, refocusing on providing useable evidence that can be combined with context and professional expertise so that individual patients get optimal treatment
key point:
Well intentioned efforts to automate use of evidence through computerised decision support systems, structured templates, and point of care prompts can crowd out the local, individualised, and patient initiated elements of the clinical consultation.8 For example, when a clinician is following a template driven diabetes check-up, serious non-diabetes related symptoms that the patient mentions in passing may not by documented or acted on.32 Inexperienced clinicians may (partly through fear of litigation) engage mechanically and defensively with decision support technologies, stifling the development of a more nuanced clinical expertise that embraces accumulated practical experience, tolerance of uncertainty, and the ability to apply practical and ethical judgment in a unique case.33
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3 days ago by kmt
Post Agile: embracing asynchronous processes - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Lots of scrum practices can be eliminated using tooling, enabling distributed teams
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7 days ago by hennus
Summer 2018 | Provincetown Art Association and Museum
In this day of mapping, we start with what neurobiologist Antonio Damasio calls body maps— in brain and body and place, a snapshot of the moment. We can open these maps through memory and observation, and then bring ourselves, our mapping platform, into the world. We will start with our personal map libraries. Sketching and writing about the places that have shaped us throughout our lives. We assemble a geographic language from our biographies ranging from the minute to the panoramic. Prompted by drawing exercises in the studio, we will venture into the Province Lands with the dual purpose of following our personal maps and gathering observations and waypoints that are the geographic extent of the day.

The result will be a set of visual journal pages, drawn and written, unique to each of us as pilots to the routes that we have walked together on separate planes. We’ll mostly rely on our wits and our steps to make simple maps but a few smartphone apps might be used optionally.

Morning session: drawing and writing exercises in the studio — blind/controlled contour drawing to focus on observation, discussion of map concepts and forms (cartography, artists’ maps, conceptual mapping, navigation, time).

Afternoon session: Province Lands landscape walk using intuition, measurement and navigation methods, drawing and writing for sketchbook journal pages.
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8 days ago by shannon_mattern
Faster, Better, Cheaper—The art of making software
Nobody wants to deliver late, over-budget software. I don’t know a single software developer who wakes up in the morning and thinks “I’d like to do a rubbish job today. How can I cost my employer more money?” And yet, so many software projects don’t go well. via Pocket
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14 days ago by christos
Introduction to Local Interpretable Model-Agnostic Explanations (LIME) - O'Reilly Media
Check out the Data science and machine learning sessions at Strata Data in New York, September 25-28, 2017, for more on current trends and practical use cases in applied data science. Machine learning is at the core of many recent advances in science and technology. via Pocket
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14 days ago by kintopp
Do topic models warp time? | The Stone and the Shell
Recently, historians have been trying to understand cultural change by measuring the “distances” that separate texts, songs, or other cultural artifacts. Where distances are large, they infer that change has been rapid. via Pocket
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18 days ago by kintopp

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