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Idioms of Dynamic Languages | Will Crichton
"the core impedance mismatch is that metaprogramming is fundamentally at odds with static typing"
programming  ruby  python  metaprogramming 
16 days ago by shioyama
Generalized data structure synthesis | the morning paper
Generalized data structure synthesis Loncaric et al., ICSE’18

Many systems have a few key data structures at their heart. Finding correct and efficient implementations for these data structures is not always easy. Today’s paper introduces Cozy (, which can handle this task for you given a high-level specification of the state, queries, and update operations that need to be supported.
CS  synthesis  metaprogramming  datastructures 
26 days ago by euler
Arel with Wharel
Really nice ActiveRecord query features added via gem.
activerecord  rails  tips  ruby  gem  sql  orm  database  metaprogramming 
5 weeks ago by kevinrood

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