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C++17 constexpr Compile-time Ray Tracer
This is a C++17 ray tracer using constexpr function evaluation to produce the above image entirely at compile-time. Unlike other compile-time ray tracers which use template metaprogramming, this code also works just as well (in fact, thousands of times faster) at run time.
c++  ray  tracer  compiler  programming  metaprogramming  template 
21 days ago by Hwinkler
Singletons cannot into GADTs
This is the reason for "hell singletons" when trying to build GADTs whose parameters are themselves of promoted GADT kind. One day they will add Promote to singletons and, inshallah, we will no longer have to hand-roll our own promotion type families.

Either that, or GHC will let us directly use 'SWhatever (promoted data family constructors).
programming  haskell  dependent-types  platform-crap  deep-platform-crap  types  metaprogramming 
8 weeks ago by derrickturk

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