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Q&A on the Philosophy of Economics with Dr. Alexander Douglas – Session 7
Q&A on the Philosophy of Economics with Dr. Alexander Douglas – Session 7
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Understanding Society: Bodily cognition
"The Oxford Handbook of 4E Cognition, edited by Albert Newen, Leon de Brun, and Shaun Gallagher, "
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Behavioral Mereology
Mereology is the study of parts and the relationships that hold between them. We introduce a behavioral approach to mereology, in which systems and their parts are known only by the types of behavior they can exhibit. Our discussion is formally topos-theoretic, and agnostic to the topos, providing maximal generality; however, by using only its internal logic we can hide the details and readers may assume a completely elementary set-theoretic discussion. We consider the relationship between various parts of a whole in terms of how behavioral constraints are passed between them, and give an inter-modal logic that generalizes the usual alethic modalities in the setting of symmetric accessibility.
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Useful distinction between and in (Hazel Barnes’ foreword to the 1956 English trans…
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The science of “vibes” shows how everything is connected — Quartz
Scientists are finding that vibrations seem to play a critical role in human consciousness, and indeed in the existence of all things.

This still seems more like metaphysics than actual physics.
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december 2018 by po

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