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Structured Data Markup Helper
Google's Structured Data Markup Helper has support for Dataset markup.
metadata  datasets 
3 days ago by herndonj
Metatogger | The new generation of tag editor
Metatogger is the new generation of tag editor allowing you to rename, tag and easily sort your MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, WMA and M4A files.
mp3  flac  editor  file  metadata 
6 days ago by barabasz
The Promise and Pitfalls of Photography on the Blockchain
Those who see potential in blockchain are fervently generating useful and potentially novel business applications for the technology, like streamlining image licensing, opening new markets for fine-art sales and fighting the spread of fake news. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  art  blockchain  creator  images  metadata  rights 
11 days ago by ChristopherA
Evaluating Data Quality in Europeana: Metrics for Multilinguality | SpringerLink
1.Albertoni, R., De Martino, M., Podesta, P.: A linkset quality metric measuring multilingual gain in SKOS thesauri. In: LDQ@ ESWC (2015)Google Scholar2.Bellini, E., Nesi, P.: Metadata quality assessment tool for open access cultural heritage institutional repositories. In: Nesi, P., Santucci, R. via Pocket
data  europe  infrastructure  metadata  metrics  paper  quality 
15 days ago by kintopp
Component Metadata | CLARIN ERIC
Metadata for language resources and tools exists in a multitude of formats. Often these descriptions contain specialized information for a specific research community (e.g. TEI headers for text, IMDI for multimedia collections). via Pocket
infrastructure  metadata  ontology  resources  vocabularies 
16 days ago by kintopp

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