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VisualOps offers an intuitive and integrated approach to cloud application development and maintenance. Unlike traditional DevOps tools VisualOps incorporates a visual approach to streamline the process from design to automation, whilst ensuring that your app will always run exactly as you design it.
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4 weeks ago by vicchow
Mesosphere’s Investors Bet on Multicloud
“being used in production by more than 125 companies.”
mesos  mesosphere  cloudnative  startups  funding  momentum  investing  platforms 
6 weeks ago by cote
Titus, the Netflix container management platform, is now open source
Titus が OSS に。Mesos + AWS の機能という感じらしい。
netflix  container  mesos 
8 weeks ago by summerwind
Netflix now opensourcing their orchestration engine, featuring tight AWS integration and good management of both EC2 and containers, built on top of Apache Mesos and a bunch of other Netflix opensource software
Netflix  opensource  software  AWS  orchestration  management  platform  EC2  container  docker  Mesos 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
Docker vs. Kubernetes vs. Apache Mesos: Why What You Think You Know is Probably Wrong - Mesosphere
There are countless articles, discussions, and lots of social chatter comparing Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos. If you listen to the partially-informed, you’d think that the three open source projects are in a fight-to-the death for container supremacy. You’d also believe that picking one over the other is almost a religious choice; with true believers espousing their faith and burning heretics who would dare to consider an alternative.
Dotcloud_Docker  Docker  Kubernetes  Google_Kubernetes  Apache_Mesos  Mesos 
9 weeks ago by GameGamer43

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