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I feel like I've photographed Bigfoot in the wild
A restaurant menu that isn't just _not a PDF_, but uses CSS columns for layout.
restaurant  webdev  menus 
24 days ago by frankfarm
GitHub's Progressively enhanced menu buttons with details/summary
The concept of a "menu" of any kind is often found in profile dropdows. Some websites decide to not use a semantic menu at all, "just" showing a div or list on click and releasing its content into the tab order, (, for example). And there is GitHub's approach that uses the details and summary element for a menu, making the whole construct work even without JavaScript (in nearly every browser).
fridayfrontend  html  details  summary  progressive  enhancement  menus 
28 days ago by spaceninja
Design a drop down menu with Justinmind!
The complete guide to website wireframe design
menus  webdesign  ia  ux  design 
10 weeks ago by tham

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