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RT : Tech of the Future! ⚡️ Excited to & at this camp 17-19 Aug for young people 14-1…
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6 days ago by TomRaftery
Engineering Progression Framework
The engineering progression framework is a tool that helps engineers and managers:

* make development and career plans
* talk about what we’re looking for from engineers in a consistent way
* set a fair level of compensation.

It's meant to be helpful. It's not meant to be a rating system for humans, free from edge cases.
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19 days ago by billglover
A Change in the Weather - Leni Jess (Leni_Jess)
Saving Severus Snape seems to have set the course of Hermione's life. And to have introduced her to a nest of Slytherins. [12,276 words]
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21 days ago by cunningplan
What Does It Mean to Be an Effective Tech Lead?
Edmond Lau (author of The Effective Engineer) reflects on his talk to new Tech Leads at Dropbox.

> “When I reflect back on the most effective and successful tech leads I’ve encountered, they don’t fit into a single mold.”

We find ourselves surrounded by advice on how to become Junior Engineers, to progress towards the title of Senior Engineer and even Tech Lead. It is this advice from Edmond that bears closest resemblance to my experience.

> “Become very good (top 25%) at three things. Then figure out how to combine those skills to effectively ship high-leverage projects.”

Leadership, even technical leadership is multi-dimensional. Edmond highlights the following disciplines:

* Technical
* Product/Business
* People
* Project Management

At various points in my career I’ve chosen to prioritise each of these. Figuring out the balance that works for you takes experience. To become an effective tech lead you need to gain this experience.
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24 days ago by billglover
IF you belong to an agency or run one. Then get involved with the glorious
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6 weeks ago by Lulu
Help draw attention & resources to area orgs. In this graphic are
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11 weeks ago by tellio

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