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Liam Bailey Deals With Self-Hate, Rebirth In 'You Saw the Devil In Me' Video: Premiere | Billboard
Liam Bailey's latest single is called "You Saw the Devil In Me." But the song and its video, premiering exclusively below, is actually about the British soul singer himself seeing those demons.
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15 hours ago by dk33per
Budweister hates the Holland Tunnel's decorations too
“We stand with @WhosCory. This is what our Newark Brewery will look like until they #MoveThatTree. #TunnelNotTonnel,” the Missouri-based company tweeted Wednesday, along with an image showing a wreath placed on top of the “U” in its Budweiser sign and a triangular tree slapped above the “E.”
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4 days ago by terry
Petition: Move the Christmas Tree on the Holland Tunnel from the N to cover the A
The entrance to the Holland Tunnel (One of the busiest enterance ways into America’s most populated and famous city) is a majestic site of architecture and history.  A site that should be celebrated.  However, every Holiday Season it is decorated with 2 wreaths and a Holiday Tree.  But for some reason the tree is over the letter N in the word Holland instead of the letter A where it would fit perfectly.  This one small thing triggers anyone with the slightest hint of OCD every time they enter the city.   On top of that, it’s just unsightly and ruins the holiday festivities for people to enjoy on such a great piece of architecture.
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4 days ago by terry
Holland Tunnel's Christmas decorations are 'OCD nightmare'
“I look at it and it makes me itch. It gives me anxiety and anger — why wouldn’t they just put [the tree] in front of the A?” fumed Cory Windelspecht, 38, of Tribeca, whose petition notes that between one and three percent of Americans have obsessive compulsive disorder.

“One guy told me he avoids it completely and takes the Lincoln Tunnel because of the decorations.”
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4 days ago by terry
A brave and personal story at on and the help available from reminding us that anyon…
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6 days ago by jitgo
Social prescribing in general practice: adding meaning to medicine
Social prescribing is about expanding the range of options available to GP and patient as they grapple with a problem. Where that problem has its origins in socioeconomic deprivation or long-term psychosocial issues, it is easy for both patient and GP to feel overwhelmed and reluctant to open what could turn out to be a can of worms. Settling for a short-term medical fix may be pragmatic but can easily become a conspiracy of silence which confirms the underlying sense of defeat. Can or should we try to do more during the precious minutes of a GP consultation?
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7 days ago by oliverw

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