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Dear Fuck-Up: How do you live when everything sucks? | The Outline
Dear Fuck-Up,

You’ve written a lot about mistakes and I think mentioned that you’ve struggled with depression. I’ve had bouts of depression and anxiety, but they have gotten much worse over the last year or two.

I’m in therapy and I guess it helps but when the news about Anthony Bourdain broke, it was the first time that I’ve thought to myself “well shit, maybe I’m not going to make it.” I realize that sound silly because he was a celebrity and a stranger but it was the first time that particularly frightening thought popped into my brain and now I’m worried it won’t go away. I’m not even really sure I have a question here. I guess maybe just: how do you live when everything keeps getting worse?
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RT : Recovery Walk Scotland is coming to Glasgow on Sep 15.
Addiction and recovery movements…
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