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The Rational Male -- The Existential Fear – Men
'"You need to understand WOMEN HATE BETAS in fact they hate them so much that they would prefer to work soul destroying jobs to support themselves than attach themselves to a Beta provider that wants to fuck them and impregnate them with his shitty beta genetics." ~ Incubus Rising -- '...Patriarchy and monogamy answered a woman’s Hypergamous doubt for her, and that is the crux of women’s Existential Fear – to have the control of her Hypergamy, her selection process, and ultimately the cost associated with that choice determined for her. This fear is exactly why the primary goal of feminism has always been the maximal unlimiting of women’s sexuality and the maximal restricting of men’s sexuality. It seeks to replace the social-scale compromise of the Cardinal Rule of Sexual Strategies with the total capitulation of the male strategy. Today, the Gynocracy has achieved this almost entirely. -- But for one sex’s strategy to succeed, the other’s must be compromised or abandoned. For a gynocentric social order, only men’s abandonment of their own strategy is acceptable – and this abandonment insists men deny the evolved imperative of their own Existential Fear – insisting on paternity. -- In the evolved scheme of things men’s reproductive best interest involves sacrifices. When a man commits to parental investment with a woman he takes on sunk cost risks. The time he spends investing himself committed to one woman and the children they produce comes at the cost of reproductive opportunities with other women. Women’s sexual strategy necessitates he compromise or abandon his biological imperative. Naturally, both men and women have adapted ways to circumvent monogamy to optimize their sexual strategies (infidelity, short-term breeding schema), but the basic equation is the same; if a man is invested in one woman it limits him from seeking other (potentially better) reproductive opportunities. If you want to know why Plate Theory irks women so much look no further. -- The only way this compromise of sexual strategy can be advantageous to men is if he can be relatively assured that the child he’s raising is his own. This is where men’s Existential Fear of paternity fraud begins. He cedes his own strategy and the sunk opportunity cost for reproduction in exchange for the certainty that he’s invested in a child that bears his name and his blood. -- I call this men’s Existential Fear because denying men the certainty of paternity presents the same existential anxieties as a woman’s control of Hypergamous doubt taken from her. Women fear the idea of being forced to birth and raise the child of a suboptimal man not of her choosing, while men fear the idea of being deceived into raising a child not of their own genetic lineage. And until the advent of DNA testing only a woman could be certain that the child was her own. -- ... The Feminine Imperative has been remolding men’s evolved need for paternity to its own ends for some time now. -- The popularization of ‘Poly Relationships‘ is one of the more recent redirects of men’s paternity need. As I mentioned above, the goal state of the Feminine Imperative is ensuring that women’s sexual strategy – and anything that foments it – is the socially ‘correct‘ imperative. Men must become more like women if they want to be accepted by a social order defined by women’s experiences. Men’s sexual strategy is only acceptable when it serves a woman’s purpose, so men’s existential imperative of ensuring paternity is always going to be in conflict with women’s strategy. A man insisting on his own paternity and the perpetuation of his name is in direct conflict with women ensuring she chooses to breed with the best specimen and be provided for by the best male she can lock down. -- This being the mechanics of it, it comes as no surprise that the social conventions of this era encourage men to abandon that evolved need. We make “heroes” of men who marry the single mother and assume the parental investment costs of the man she chose to breed with. A fem-centric society makes this a noble responsibility – “He Manned Up for the loser who wouldn’t take that responsibility” – all while ignoring the simple fact that this ‘hero’ is only completing women’s Hypergamous imperative. And it’s come to the point that a man abandoning his sexual strategy is part of women’s expectations and entitlements of Beta men. -- For the men who insist on their own strategy, the message is one of shame. Only a man who’s “insecure in his masculinity” would think that a child would need to be his own. In fact, the very title of “father” is offensive to a social order based fulfilling women’s imperatives. Father’s Day must become, ‘special persons’ day‘. Men should never insist that a wife assume his last name. And of course, DNA testing to determine paternity (even in light of life threatening illness) is to be discouraged if not outlawed.'
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2 days ago by adamcrowe
YouTube -- Honey Badger Radio: The Sarkeesian Effect
Karen: "This is the schizophrenia of female nature: They want to be somebody who is stronger, whether that's physical strength, intellectual strength, economic strength, whatever; they want to be with somebody who is stronger than the others or as strong as she can get ... that's just the natural consequence of the biological costs and benefits of reproduction; but they have this sort of schizophrenia in that if this man that I am with is so much stronger than I am – and I like him that way because he can protect me from other men and the outside world and all of its predations and problems – who is protecting me from him? And so it's almost like she needs to have this man who is stronger than he is but who is completely under her thumb. But then if he's completely under her thumb then she's like: If I can manipulate him to this extent, that he's like a pussy cat now, and he's completely harmless, then how is he going to stand up to anybody else if he lets me walk all over him. So it's this tension in women...I don't think a lot of women can get over it. Admiring strength in men and fearing strength in men. That is what women do." -- Anna: "They want a guard dog but one that only responds to them so they starve it of whatever they can: with approval, with [withholding sex] – anything they can, but then of course, after a while, the man gets worn down an becomes a Beta or Omega and doesn't have that bite, and so [the woman] gets disappointed and wander on to the next thing. That is the woman's struggle, is wanting the most Alpha of the males but also not being able to help themselves but break down that male to a subservient state, and then once that's happened they're no longer happy." -- Be strong for me!
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3 days ago by adamcrowe
The 7 Best Under-Eye Creams for Men
But consider this: if the eyes are the window to the soul, would you want them sitting in a crappy frame?
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8 days ago by geglover
What not to wear if you are a man over 50 | Fashion | The Guardian
When self-confessed fashion hoarder Adrian Clark hit 50, he knew the camouflage trousers and Converse had to go. He shares his age-appropriate style tips for men
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9 days ago by sublimino
YouTube -- Jordan B Peterson: Sir Roger Scruton/Dr. Jordan B. Peterson: Apprehending the Transcendent
"One thing a woman really wants to know about a man, or you might say, one thing that feminity wants to know about masculinity is that it's not a predatory tyrant [fake alpha]. And here's why. First of all there is fragility in feminine sexuality to a great degree than there is in male sexuality because women bear a higher price for sexual misadventure let's say and are perhaps more prone to exploitation by force. But more than that, part of being a woman is having the possibility of bringing something extraordinarily fragile and vulnerable and valuable into the world. And the first concern might be: are you a predator [fake alpha]? And so what I see happening in the feminist disciplines like Gender Studies is the politicization of that accusation, and the accusation is: prove to me that you're not a predator [fake alpha] – in your fundamental element of you masculinity – not only historically but now – because the cost of you being a predator [fake alpha] is too high. I think that's what's driving the demolition of the idea of the presumption of innocence, for example. We'll start with the presumption of guilt and prove until you've proved to me that's you're innocent. The problem with that isn't that there are no predatory men because there are plenty of predatory men. The problem is that the courageous way to deal with the problem of the predator [fake Alpha] is to offer a hand in courageous trust and to invite forward a partner [true self] from the monster [false self]; that's the mythological manner in which this is supposed to be undertaken. The courageous part of a woman's journey, let's say, is to face the monstrosity [false self] of a man and to invite out of that something more noble [true self] to emerge. And there's courage in that, and genuine risk. And that's forgone in the accusation process. And the other element of that seems to be that if you are a predator [fake Alpha] and you're irredeemable in your predatory nature, then the best thing to do is to render you harmless. And if we're going to obscure the relationship between competence and power and assume that all of your striving upward is merely a manifestation of power then what we'll do is weaken you [shit test you] as much as possible so that harmlessness can replace virtue [none but the Alphas shall pass]. I see all of that driving these resentful disciplines." "The aim is the emasculation of the man [the shit test to sort the Alphas from the Betas]." -- Be strong for me!
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9 days ago by adamcrowe
The Rational Male -- Women’s Existential Fear
'Is he really the best I can get? -- ... The Existential Fear in women is that their innate Hypergamous Filter, their Feminine Intuition, might be fooled, and by being fooled she may either die or have her reproductive potential compromised for her lifetime by bearing and raising the child of man who is a suboptimal Hypergamous choice for her – a man who exerted his will over her Hypergamous choosing filters. -- ...why will women fight tooth and nail for the ‘right’ to free and safe abortion over the course of multiple generations? Why is the right to end her (and the father’s) child’s life in utero such an imperative for women? -- Ask women and the feminist boilerplate answer is always “My body, my choice!“, but why is it so important to cut men entirely out of the reproductive process? What is the motivation for legally disenfranchising men from even 1% of a say in a child that is at least half his genetic legacy? This is also one of the greatest of offenses to women; that a man might have some control over women’s bodies. “Hands off my uterus!” that too is another rallying cry, but why is it such an abhorrent thought that men might have some influence in who gets born and who doesn’t? -- ... One of the most socially destabilizing inventions of the 20th century was affording women the option to invest herself, or not, in the choices she made about her own sexuality. Unilaterally female-controlled birth control was effectively the greatest Hypergamous failsafe ever invented. It released women from the responsibility of a bad Hypergamous decision. But what it didn’t do is erase that filtering process from women’s psyches. We take it for granted, but HBC (hormonal birth control) unfettered Hypergamy for the first time in human history. And as a result men ceded more and more of their paternal interests in the human reproductive process over to women in exchange for the promise of pregnancy-free sexual access. Ostensibly, unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. Needless to say this also exacerbated women’s sexual strategy to tactically filter out unwanted males and emphasize sex with chosen males. -- But the greatest sexual bargain of the 20th-21st century catastrophically backfired on men because, for all the boons of HBC, it couldn’t rewrite 100,000 years of evolved Hypergamy. And, if anything, it exacerbated women’s desire for failsafe’s against the Existential Fear of having her Hypergamous Filter fooled by deceptive men. -- The social and political power men ceded to women in the wake of the Sexual Revolution has been used for one unitary purpose by women – to ensure against the Existential Fear. Why is abortion now something to be celebrated rather than mournfully accepted as necessary evil of this century? Because it alleviates the Existential Fear of bearing and raising the product of a bad Hypergamous choice. -- Why did no fault divorce morph into the misandrous divorce industry we have today? It alleviates the Existential Fear. A one-sided divorce industry ensures security, support and resources that would’ve otherwise been her undoing in times before the pill. Why are the stigmas of single motherhood that existed just 60 years ago now replaced with rewarding women for their choice to become single mothers? It alleviates the Existential Fear. -- When women were afforded unprecedented power and influence their first order of business was directed at changing laws to alleviate the Existential Fear. Virtually every social change, every political change, every egoistic “you go gurl” self-entitlement since the Sexual Revolution that women have initiated has had one latent purpose – alleviating the Existential Fear.'
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10 days ago by adamcrowe
Medium -- Why are Men “Afraid” of Commitment? by John Davis
'What benefits does marriage offer a man? The answer is that marriage offers nothing to men. At one time, men could enjoy trusting a woman with his love and sexual feelings. Current government regulation, however, has, virtually demonized and criminalized every aspect of men’s feelings and sexuality in, and outside of marriage. -- At one time, Men could count on marriages lasting a lifetime. This gave him, his wife and his children stability and the incentive to work together, as a family, for long term benefits and gains. -- Now, women file 80% of divorces, within about 8 years of marriage, use the biased and oppressive family courts to strip a man of his children, his life savings, and leave him to twist in the wind without a support network of any kind. Our laws and family court judges are designed to encourage women to get a divorce, alienate the children from their Father’s protection, and, exploit men for the convenience and enrichment of the neo-marxist state . . . -- Men walk away from marriage and commitment with women out of intellect and common sense choice. “Fear” has nothing to do with it.'
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10 days ago by adamcrowe

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