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Size, Stride, Alignment - Swift Unboxed
The basics on the memory layout of Swift struct instances.
swift  memory 
4 days ago by cocoasamurai
Why You Can’t Remember Being a Kid
etween birth and our early teens, the brain is still laying down some of its fundamental circuitry and thickening its electrical pathways with fatty tissue to make them more conductive. In a massive surge of growth, the brain sprouts innumerable new bridges between neurons. In fact, we have far more links between brain cells in our earliest years than we end up with in adulthood; most are pruned away. All that excess brain mass is the wet clay from which our genes and experiences sculpt a brain to suit its particular environment. Without such limber brains, young children would never be able to learn as much as quickly as they do.
memory  psychology  childhood 
5 days ago by guiambros
Hidden Brain : NPR
Daniel Kahneman On Misery, Memory, And Our Understanding Of The Mind @HiddenBrain podcast
economics  hiddenbrain  podcast  npr  psychology  consumerbehavior  memory 
5 days ago by bonni208
Demartek Evaluation: HPE 25GbE RDMA Benefits in Virtualized Environments
Wow, so SMB3 when available, shifts into Direct mode, which is effectively a distributed shared memory platform (SMB3DFX)
SMBv3  SMB-Direct  SMB  direct  RDMA  distributed  shared  memory  platform 
7 days ago by asteroza

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