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How Human Memory Works: Insights for UX Designers. – design4users
The article giving insights into the ways human memory works and considering the factors of its influence on UX design solutions for websites and mobile apps.
Design  Memory  UserExperience  Examples 
23 hours ago by gregg
The Lost Art of C Structure Packing
This page is about a technique for reducing the memory footprint of C programs - manually repacking C structure declarations for reduced size. To read it, you will require basic knowledge of the C programming language.
c  memory  performance 
3 days ago by pupi
Want to Remember Everything You'll Ever Learn? Surrender to This Algorithm
Piotr Wozniak's quest for anonymity has been successful. Nobody along this string of little beach resorts recognizes him as the inventor of a technique to turn people into geniuses. A portion of this technique, embodied in a software program called SuperMemo, has enthusiastic users around the world. They apply it mainly to learning languages, and it's popular among people for whom fluency is a necessity — students from Poland or other poor countries aiming to score well enough on English-language exams to study abroad. A substantial number of them do not pay for it, and pirated copies are ubiquitous on software bulletin boards in China, where it competes with knockoffs like SugarMemo.
learning  memory 
5 days ago by pmelendres
Effective learning: Twenty rules of formulating knowledge
This article will help you overcome one of the greatest difficulties you will face when trying to accelerate learning: formulating knowledge

The speed of learning will depend on the way you formulate the material. The same material can be learned many times faster if well formulated! The difference in speed can be stunning!
learning  memory 
5 days ago by pmelendres

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