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H³ on Twitter
Tweet: "Late dad’s helmet from 90s. Love his doodle skills and notice the clock drawings which indicates his daily routine?🤗#FathernSonlovedoodling"
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10 weeks ago by hazm8
21 years ago today I was watching Luna at ULU ~ tomorrow I'll be watching then in San Sebastian ……
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october 2017 by grange85
Found this while flicking through my LPs ~ everything is memorabilia! ……
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september 2017 by grange85
Decoding London's Spontaneous David Bowie Shrines - Atlas Obscura
“It seems to me to be a relatively recent thing, historically,” he says. “It’s manifested in all kinds of different ways: the proliferation of roadside memorials to people who have died in accidents, the way in which people leave offerings at the sites of terrorist attacks.”

Even his local graveyard, which he has been observing for decades, is suddenly full of carefully chosen items. “There is amazing stuff left on the graves—garden ornaments, lanterns,” Graves-Brown says. “This very elaborate material activity.” One of his theories chalks this trend up to changes in belief systems: “Rather than believe in some sort of afterlife,” he says, “people are leaving items that are more about the person’s life.”
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april 2017 by StJohnBosco
City of Elizabeth v. Sullivan :: 1968 :: New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division - Published Opinions Decisions :: New Jersey Case Law :: New Jersey Law :: U.S. Law :: Justia
The defendant herein appeals from a conviction in the Elizabeth Municipal Court wherein he was charged with distributing a leaflet without first having obtained a permit in contravention of a city ordinance.
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june 2016 by jonathan
The Inevitable, Intergalactic Awkwardness of Time Capsules | Atlas Obscura
ItΓÇÖs easy to make fun of time capsules, but, as Jarvis details, itΓÇÖs much harder to fill them with the kind of material that will actually stand the test of time. Often, the things we tuck away for posterity are embarrassing or boring. Sometimes, they're much worseΓÇöracist, bigoted, wrongheaded. Most take that old adage about the winners writing history to its logical conclusion. And they are always, by their very nature, exceedingly presumptuous.
...the Crypt of Civilization ... boasts its own set of weird contents: six Artie Shaw recordings; an electric Toastolator; a ΓÇ£sample of gold mesh;ΓÇ¥ two white dolls and one Black one; a proportionally strange amount of womenΓÇÖs underthings. Civilization, indeed.
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may 2016 by StJohnBosco
Truman Capote's Mustang Crashes Into Henry Lehr Store in Sag Harbor | The East H...
Update, April 29, 10:10 a.m.: The 1968 Ford Mustang that smashed into the front of a Sag Harbor store on Thursday evening once belonged to the novelist and playwright Truman Capote. Myron Clement, who, with his husband, Joe Petrocik, were friends with the "In Cold Blood" author, was identified by Village Police Chief Austin McGuire as the driver. In fact, the Mustang's license plate was CAPOTE, the chief said.
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may 2016 by StJohnBosco
Exploring (1959-1969)
In January of 1959, National replaced the Explorer program with the Exploring program. They had conducted an extensive research project, A Study of Adolescent Boys, from May 1949 to 1955 with the University of Michigan on the needs, desires, and concerns of boys 14-16, and from the findings made extensive changes in the core Explorer program. The most radical change in the program was to drop the distinct Explorer advancement program, as the research concluded that boys at that age didn't care for advancement. Officer terminology changed to a more generic club based one. Other features like the Explorer Cabinet and the like were added.
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april 2016 by jmbond

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