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Researchers discover seven new Meltdown and Spectre attacks | ZDNet

Researchers say they've discovered the seven new CPU attacks while performing "a sound and extensible systematization of transient execution attacks" -- a catch-all term the research team used to describe attacks on the various internal mechanisms that a CPU uses to process data, such as the speculative execution process, the CPU's internal caches, and other internal execution stages.

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Academics Publish New Software-Level Protections Against Spectre and Rowhammer Attacks - Slashdot
Catalin Cimpanu, writing for BleepingComputer: Academics from multiple universities have announced fixes for two severe security flaws known as Spectre and Rowhammer. Both these fixes are at the software level, meaning they don't require CPU or RAM vendors to alter products, and could, in theory, be...
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august 2018 by mikeRuns
When your boss talks to the US Senate about lessons learned from the disclosure of and .…
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