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KPTI/KAISER Meltdown Initial Performance Regressions
File under the end of Moore’s Law.

The recently revealed Meltdown and Spectre bugs are not just extraordinary issues of security, but also performance. The patches that workaround Meltdown introduce the largest kernel performance regressions I've ever seen.
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9 days ago by jefframnani
chris blogs: Anatomy of a Ceph meltdown
A quick word on our setup: We have three file servers with 12TB storage each that provide each three Ceph OSDs, a monitor, and MDS (to provide CephFS to a shell server and the office machines). Connected to these are two virtualization hosts that run 24 virtual machines total in QEMU/KVM. The file servers and virtualization hosts run on Gentoo, most VM are Debian, a few run Windows. The setup is very redundant: Ceph guarantees each file server can drop out without problems, and if one virtualization host goes down, we can start all machines on the other host (even if main memory gets a bit tight then).
ceph  gentoo  meltdown  filesystems  downtime 
9 days ago by vielmetti
"The KPTI patches to mitigate Meltdown can incur massive overhead, anything from 1% to over 800%."
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9 days ago by vielmetti
The Impact of Spectre and Meltdown on the Cloud
"Spectre is worse. Not because we actually know how to use it to do something bad. Yet. It is worse because we don’t know how to mitigate it in a generic way, and because it proves that Meltdown wasn’t a flash in the pan. The threat remains, and erodes trust. When and if someone devises a practical exploit, we may indeed see a mitigation for it show up quickly. The exploit may be responsibly disclosed by security researchers at a company like Google. But it is entirely possible that hostile state actors will get there first, and the damages done between now and then may be considerable and difficult to quantify."
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10 days ago by jonerp

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