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The Sinclair Method | Sinclair Method Step One. Understand and think about addiction in an entirely new way.
This is a description of the first step of the Sinclair Method to beat alcoholism or alcohol use disorder.
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医者の家族がインフルエンザにかかったら エビデンスと情の戦い
# 科学とエビデンス(研究の結果で確かなこと)を駆使しても、風邪を予防する方法なんて余りないのです。その中で唯一効果が確かめられているのは、インフルエンザワクチンです。
# 昔から「体を冷やすと風邪をひく」と言いますが、体を冷やした人が、なぜウイルス感染の機会が高まるのか科学的には分かりません
# 「日本では抗インフルエンザ薬を使いすぎだ。これでは近い将来薬が効かなくなり、日本国民が深刻な不利益を被る」
# インフルエンザの検査をするにあたって、「まだ今は早い。明日また病院に来て検査するから」とか、「検査したら良かったお母さん。インフルエンザではないので安心して」という巷の医者の説明は、もう突っ込みどころ満載で、痛々しい程に間違っています。
# インフルエンザの検査は、流行時期にあり、感染の機会があり、臨床症状(発熱、咽頭痛、関節痛などなど)が揃っていれば、必要ありません。(...) 実は、いつ検査しても感度は50〜60%で、サイコロの丁半と同じといったところ。
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"Go where you're treated best" applies to healthcare too | NomadCapitalist
Princeport (?) in Kuala Lumpur. Excellent service from UK-trained doctor with no wait
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The real reason docs burn out | Medical Economics
Pediatrician Karen Ailsworth, MD, began her career with a multi-specialty practice in Baraboo, Wisc. She enjoyed the job at first, but a couple of years after she started an HMO bought the practice, and soon afterward conditions began to change for the worse.
“They wanted us to be more and more productive, like we had to see a patient every 15 minutes,” she recalls. It wasn’t long before she began experiencing a common symptom of burnout: anger at her patients. “I started feeling like, ‘don’t tell me your problems, I don’t have the time. Just make my life easy.’ And that wasn’t the way I wanted to practice.” 
Ailsworth stuck it out for 16 years, finally quitting in 2010 and pursuing locum tenens work before landing a less stressful position at an Indian Health Center. 
“It felt like the bean counters were in charge, and it wasn’t about patient care any longer,” she says of her former practice. “I didn’t feel like we got recognized for what we did. It wasn’t like I wanted an award, but more like recognizing not every patient fits into a 15-minute slot, and doctors aren’t just widgets in a factory.”
Ailsworth’s story would no doubt be familiar to many physicians, both for the feelings of burnout she experienced and the reasons behind them. Like her, doctors are reacting not just to the ordinary frustrations of workaday life but to obstacles produced by the healthcare system itself. These include, among others, the mounds of paperwork they must contend with, unhappiness over loss of professional autonomy and the ongoing decline in long-term relationships with patients. 
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口内炎を早く治したい! | 原田歯科医院
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