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Customizing MediaWiki for beginners - MediaWiki |
<code class="language-css">
@import url("|Noto+Serif")

body {font-family: "Noto Sans", sans-serif}
/* changes the default font used for MediaWiki to Noto Sans (does not include headings or monospaced text) */

div#content h1, div#content h2 {font-family: "Noto Serif", serif}
/* changes the default font used for MediaWiki headings to Noto Serif */
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25 days ago by kme
MediaWiki Manual: Job Queue
Includes info on processing the job queue in cron, rather than after each HTTP request completes. Need this for, where many long-running HTTP request processes get stuck, exceeding the memory limit of my Webfaction account.
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8 weeks ago by sbw

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