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Facebook is determined to build auto ties
While there isn’t the direct path from a Facebook ad to a product purchase that there is in other industries, Sandberg said the social network is able to show more engagement and prove the value of working together. An ad for GM’s OnStar, for example, targeted users who have the service’s trademark little blue button in their cars but lack a data plan. That campaign resulted in a 7 percent boost to data-plan sales, she said.

Another success story, also with GM, was a Cadillac ad designed to drum up leads for dealers. It generated 42,000, leading directly to 450 sales, Sandberg said.
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Toyota Named to LATINO 100 List | Toyota USA Newsroom
Toyota Motor North America was named to LATINO Magazine’s top 100 companies for Latinos for the fifth consecutive year. The annual list factors in corporate support for the Latino community in the areas of philanthropy, workforce diversity, minority business development and governance.
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16 hours ago by automotive
Lectureporn: The Vulgar Art of Liberal Narcissism
> Lectureporn pulls off an amazing trick: it simultaneously delivers both elements of narcissistic supply. You sit and watch someone ingratiate themselves to you while they eviscerate someone you don’t like who is, in turn, unlikely to watch said lecture.
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Edmunds, Parents Magazine Name the 10 Best Family Cars of 2017 | Edmunds
For the 10th consecutive year, the parenting and car experts partnered to narrow down an extensive list of possible choices to the 10 models they think offer the best combination of value, performance, safety and family-friendly features. The list includes a vehicle for every type of family, from those looking for fuel efficiency to those needing room for many passengers.
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Who can resist 
mail like this?
Third-class mail isn’t the sexiest form of direct marketing, but Lincoln proved it still knows how to catch the consumer’s eye. In May, the company received the U.S. Postal Service’s Irresistible Mail Grand Champion Award for the best interactive mail piece that engages through innovative print design and digital technologies.
lincoln  fordc  media  brand  content 
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CarGurus' TV ads go national
CarGurus had relied on digital marketing and word-of-mouth. But the company is looking to TV to close the awareness gap with rival sites such as Autotrader,, and Edmunds that have run TV spots for years.

CarGurus says it draws 23 million unique monthly users and serves more than 21,000 new- and used-vehicle dealerships. It has more than 5 million car listings.
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Here’s How Digital Advertisers Are Using Waze to Connect With People Behind the Wheel – Adweek
This year and next year, Waze is looking at ways to become more complementary to traditional out-of-home advertising to see how its branded pins and sponsored takeovers might pair up to be more than just “digital billboards.”
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Eli Pariser Predicted the Future. Now He Can’t Escape It. | WIRED
Don't be defensive: no doesn't work as a mind changer.

What about giving people agency and belief as part of communications.
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yesterday by traggett
HODC seeks city aid for Brummel building | Evanston Now
This is a comment from the Wilmette HODC Low Income Housing closed Facebook group:

"In one of his meetings, Richard Koenig assured Wilmette residents that he would never come to Wilmette for handouts related to his Legion Hall project because he keeps reserves for his buildings. Wilmette residents were skeptical of his assurances because it has been HODC's habit to ask host communities for money for building repairs and improvements. Sure enough, just read this article about another of HODC's projects in Evanston."

Here was my comment in response: "I'm genuinely confused. How does this application for a federal loan constitute a "handout" from a "host community"?
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yesterday by oripsolob

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