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Community Manager und Social Media Manager: Jobs im Vergleich
Was macht ein Community Manager? Was macht ein Social Media Manager und wie unterscheiden sie sich vom Corporate Community Manager? Diese Frage ist der Bundesverband Community Management für digitale Kommunikation und Social Media (BVCM) nachgegangen.
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3 hours ago by fwhamm
How Britain grapples with nationalist dark web • POLITICO
Tom McTague:
<p>For May’s government, populist news sites are an increasing threat. Under previous prime ministers, like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown — or even the early years of David Cameron — a handful of newspapers and television stations served as news gatekeepers, picking out what they considered important and beaming it to a mass audience.

Some publications were hostile, of course, but they were known quantities, their editors contactable, their reporters easy to berate. Today’s news media has broken completely free of these bounds.

News, fake news, information and disinformation now reaches voters through a collection of social media pages, messaging apps, video platforms and anonymous websites spreading content beyond the control of anyone in Whitehall — or the Élysée in France, as Emmanuel Macron is discovering.

“Who do you ring?” asked one exasperated No. 10 official when asked about these sites. “You don’t know who these people are.”

At 12:50 p.m. on April 25, 2018, a new British political news website was registered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Within weeks, was producing some of the most viral news stories in the U.K. and had been included on briefing notes circulated in No. 10.

The website — specializing in hyper-partisan coverage of Brexit, Islam and Tommy Robinson — has no named editor and one reporter using a pen name. Its owner is anonymous, having registered the site with the U.S. firm “Domains By Proxy” whose catch line, beaming out from its homepage, reads: “Your privacy is nobody’s business but ours.”

The website itself does not provide any contact details. It has no mission statement. It has a small but growing following on Twitter but no branded Facebook page or YouTube channel.

And yet, since started publishing stories at the end of April, the site has amassed more than 3 million interactions on social media, with an average of 5,000 “engagements” for every story it has published — far more than most national newspapers.</p>
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15 hours ago by charlesarthur
Russian 2016 Influence Operation Targeted African-Americans on Social Media - The New York Times
“Very real racial tensions and feelings of alienation exist in America, and have for decades,” Ms. DiResta said. “The I.R.A. didn’t create them. It exploits them.”

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17 hours ago by cglinka
The Flu Felt Around The World | On the Media | WNYC Studios
And it's actually not until pretty much the end of the 20th century that you start to have really scrupulous attempts to figure out how massive had the global toll been. And then the toll starts to jack up to somewhere between 75 and 100 million. I mean this whole parts of the planet that weren't even counted like most of Africa. As far as we can tell, there was no place on earth that missed the 1918 flu.

There are any number of reports to be found where an individual got on the subway in Coney Island and was dead by the time they reached the Upper East Side. It was hemorrhagic. People's bodies turned black. They had internal bleeding. They coughed up blood.

All the schools were closed in Baltimore. And his father ordered all the children to remain inside the house until whatever this is ends. So for months, they were locked basically inside the home and his job as a little boy was to sit in a certain place by the front window and keep a log of hearses coming down the street and see if you can identify how many caskets were pulled out of the neighbor's houses. Imagine that was his job.

AMANDA ARONCZYK: And yet incredibly, unimaginable as it may seem in today's breathless hype filled media environment, the overarching story of life on Earth wasn't big news.

LAURIE GARRETT: It's interesting because as the flu rolled out across the nation, it's remarkable when you go through old newspapers to see how little coverage it actually got. And I think everybody who's ever dug into the history of 1918 has been struck by this. There is only a, you know, a few newspapers that were really dedicated to the story. And of course there was no such thing as a science reporter or a health reporter. These were written by the same guy who yesterday was covering a brawl in a high school gym, you know?
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17 hours ago by oripsolob

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