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DIY Media @ UBC
Do It Yourself (DIY) Media, the concept, is the process of producing your own media, be it a podcast, stop-motion video, or screencast, regardless of your level of experience.
DIY Media, the website, is a site with content generated by the UBC community, designed to bring together resources to help you plan, create, and publish your own media project.
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yesterday by cogdog
This Is The Daily Stormer's Playbook | HuffPost
A leaked style guide reveals they’re Nazis about grammar (and about Jews).
altright  usa  politics  media  sm  investigative 
yesterday by SimonHurtz
The Business Of Turning Single Mums On Benefits Into Celebrities
“One of the hypocrisies of the press is they’ll say, ‘Benefits cheat White Dee, she’s cheating this and claiming that’ – but they pay the fees for the interviews," Tomes said. "So I’m thinking, You’re saying they’re benefits cheats, but you’re giving me 5k for an exclusive story. So the press haven’t got their own house in order, but you have to play the game.”
buzzfeed  benefits  media  bias 
yesterday by noodlepie
How Duterte Turned Facebook Into a Weapon—With Help From Facebook - Bloomberg
Facebook is inherently conflicted. It promises advertisers it will deliver interested and engaged users—and often what is interesting and engaging is salacious, aggressive, or simply false.
facebook  politics  media  philippines 
yesterday by soobrosa
How Social Media Helps SEO [Final Answer]
Studies and data indicate social media can help your site rank better, but Google says social media isn't a ranking factor. What's the truth? Find out here.
social  media  seo 
2 days ago by hlennard

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