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Music Box Maniacs
It's all about music boxes. Online music box melody editor, music box melody gallery and a lot of cool people.
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12 days ago by gilberto5757
The Comparative Guide to Mechanical Switches - Input Club
View the results of our mechanical switch tests where we measured Cherry MX, Kailh (Kai Hua), Gateron, Razer, Outemu, Greetech and Epic Gear switches.
mechanical  keyboard  keyboards  guides  mechanicalkeyboard  switch  computer  guide  2018  comparison 
16 days ago by cakeface
A 46-Foot-Tall Minotaur Roams the Streets of Toulouse, France in La Machine’s Latest Urban Opera | Colossal
The French creative company La Machine recently premiered their latest creation, a nearly 50-foot-tall robotic Minotaur, in Toulouse, France. The beast marched through the labyrinthine streets of the city’s old town accompanied by a 42-foot spider for the group’s latest production The Guardian of the Temple. The pair of machines performed an operatic interpretation of the myth of Ariadne, a Cretan princess who helped Theseus overcome the Minotaur, to live music. These impressive kinetic sculptures are La Machine’s latest project from their oeuvre of mechanical bestiary which has operating worldwide since 1999.
opera  monster  puppet  robots  public  art  minotaur  myth  mechanical 
22 days ago by eugenexxv
Home | SwitchMod Keyboards
Lube. Lots and lots of lube. And springs. For keyboards, yo. Ships from USA.
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22 days ago by bcat

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