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(PDF) What Is Quality? A Management Discipline and the Translation Industry Get Acquainted
"One way to answer the question “What is quality?” is to start with a framework put forward by Garvin (1984). That framework describes five approaches to determining quality: Transcendent, Product-Based, User-Based, Production-Based (“manufacturing” being Garvin’s term) and Value-Based. Garvin does not claim that any one of these approaches is sufficient unto itself. Rather, a well-rounded view of quality requires all five. The present article briefly describes these five approaches to quality and references the work of sever-al of the most visible and respected people in the discipline of quality management. Fol-lowing that presentation, the article discusses arguments for and against applying quality-management approaches to the translation industry. The authors of this article disagree about the relevance of quality management to the translation industry, but they do agree that stakeholders should take a position on the issue."
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Watts in a Name? Why We’re Using Watt-Hours to Compare Batteries
“...because milliamp-hours don’t take voltage into account, and because voltage affects the amount of power a battery can deliver, mAh ratings are imperfect across similar batteries and just plain bad for comparing different types of batteries....”

- The Wirecutter
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