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Building Less Flawed Metrics
Metrics are useful for measuring systems and motivating behaviors. Unfortunately, naive application of metrics to a system can distort the system in ways that undermine the original goal. The problem was noted independently by Campbell[Cam79] and Goodhart[Goo75], and in some forms it is not only common, but unavoidable due to the nature of metrics[MG18]. There are two distinct but interrelated problems that must be overcome in building better metrics; first, specifying metrics more closely related to the true goals, and second, preventing the recipients from gaming the difference between the reward system and the true goal. This paper describes several approaches to designing metrics, beginning with design considerations and processes, then discussing specific strategies including secrecy, randomization, diversification, and post-hoc specification. Finally, it will discuss important desiderata and the trade-offs involved in each approach.
metrics  measurement  motivation  distortion  gaming 
yesterday by drmeme
Dimensions.Guide | Database of Dimensioned Drawings
A comprehensive reference database of dimensioned drawings documenting the standard measurements and sizes of the everyday objects and spaces that make up our world.
design  measurement  reference 
4 days ago by mamuso
Roll Your Own Analytics - PC Maffey
Google Analytics runs on over 56% of all websites. It’s the backbone of ad-tech across the web. Unfortunately, for site owners like me who just want to learn how people are using their website—while respecting their privacy—there simply aren't any alternatives that meet all my requirements. So in two days, after a couple dead-ends, I built my own using React, AWS Lambda, and a spreadsheet. This is how.
measurement  how-to 
6 days ago by dancall
Gierad Laput | Synthetic Sensors
We explore the notion of general-purpose sensing, wherein a single, highly capable sensor can indirectly monitor a large context, without direct instrumentation of objects. Further, through what we call Synthetic Sensors, we can virtualize raw sensor data into actionable feeds, whilst simultaneously mitigating immediate privacy issues. We use a series of structured, formative studies to inform the development of new sensor hardware and accompanying information architecture. We deployed our system across many months and environments, the results of which show the versatility, accuracy and potential of this approach.
sensor  sensors  iot  measurement  analytics 
8 days ago by euler
Roll Your Own Analytics - PC Maffey
The Stack

I wanted to set this up quickly, so I decided on the most easily accessible tools for my current go-to stack.* You could swap out any of these layers for your preferred tech. If you're expecting higher usage, you'll almost certainly want a more robust data store.*
Here's how it works:
Log a session on the client (React, state + context API)
When the session ends...
Call a lambda function (AWS Lambda via Netlify)
Store the data in Google Sheets (Google Sheets, Google App Scripts)
monitoring  measurement  analytics 
10 days ago by euler
L'Oréal deepens personalized skincare focus with uBiome partnership | Marketing Dive
As the demand for personalized marketing and products continues to blossom, L'Oréal announced a partnership with microbial genomics company uBiome this week at the South by Southwest conference. 
The partnership from the beauty giant's technology incubator lets consumers submit cheek-swab samples — similar to buzzy genomics biotech company 23andMe — which uBiome analyzes to determine a user's skin health based on the ecosystem of microbes of bacteria, viruses, fungi and other microorganisms that live on the skin and can cause acne, eczema and skin irritations when it is imbalanced. Based on the results, a user can make more personalized product choices.
luxury  future  partnerships  measurement  dna 
10 days ago by dancall
Facebook replaces relevance score, changes ad metrics | Marketing Dive
Facebook announced three new updates to its ad metrics, including removing lesser-used metrics, updating how potential reach is calculated and replacing the single relevance score, according to a company blog post. 
The relevance score, a measure of how relevant ads are to the audience reached, will be replaced with three ad relevance diagnostics metrics, including quality ranking, or how an ad's perceived quality compared with competing ads; engagement rate ranking, an ad's expected engagement rate compared with competing ads; and conversion rate ranking, how an expected conversion rate compares to ads with the same optimization goal and competed for the same audience. The previous relevance score metric will be removed starting April 30. 
facebook  advertising  measurement 
10 days ago by dancall
Fitbit signs on Adidas, Blue Apron, Deezer for new rewards program | Mobile Marketer
Fitbit is testing a rewards program as the maker of wearable fitness trackers debuts four lower-priced devices. The rewards program lets wearers earn points for everyday activities like steps, sleep and active minutes, according to a company announcement.
Adidas, Blue Apron and music streaming site Deezer are among the brands that are providing rewards to Fitbit customers who participate in the program and reach their activity goals. Fitbit plans to test the program and other software features before starting a paid premium service later this year.​
measurement  loyalty  points  partnerships  ideas  sportswear 
10 days ago by dancall
Foursquare introduces experimental 'Hypertrending' feature for SXSW
Ten years later, Foursquare is still making a case for location-sharing tech.
The company known for popularizing the digital check-in at SXSW a decade ago now is showing off a new, experimental feature that takes advantage of all of the company's location data. It's called Hypertrending, and it's launching now in Foursquare's apps for SXSW attendees in Austin (you have to shake your phone to access the feature).
Hypertrending is essentially a real-time heat map that lets you see where people are at any given moment. It's all anonymized, so you can't see the location of any one individual, but the idea is to give users a window into where the masses are — something that could be useful for the thousands of people who descend on Austin for SXSW.
foursquare  location  measurement  future  trends 
10 days ago by dancall
The Ardour Manual
Latency is a system's reaction time to a given stimulus. There are many factors that contribute to the total latency of a system. In order to achieve exact time synchronization all sources of latency need to be taken into account and compensated for.
audio  linux  measurement  latency 
10 days ago by bouvin
MemberScore: churn reduction for membership sites
MemberScore helps you measure engagement and predict churn on your membership site.
podcasterssociety  ps  memberships  measurement  engagement  analytics  stats 
10 days ago by theRamenNoodle
Illegibility: The Margin Between What's Measured And What's Real
Illegibility: The danger is when you believe the simplified version is the full reality and not a simplification.
complexity  measurement  management  business 
12 days ago by lightningdb

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