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Explained Visually
Explained Visually (EV) is an experiment in making hard ideas intuitive inspired the work of Bret Victor's Explorable Explanations.

Regression, PCA, Eigenvalues, Pi, Sine/Cosine, Markov chains, Probability
math  programming  statistics  probability  visualization  pca  matrix  markov 
yesterday by lena
Sherman–Morrison formula - Wikipedia
computes the inverse of the sum of an invertible matrix A {\displaystyle A} A and the outer product, u v T {\displaystyle uv^{T}} uv^{T}, of vectors u {\displaystyle u} u and v {\displaystyle v} v.
matrix  maths 
4 weeks ago by dill
The matrix calculus you need for deep learning
Excellent (re-)primer on Calculus as it applies to "deep learning", a.k.a. neural networks.
neuroscience  neural_network  Markov  machine_learning  deep_learning  AI  artificial  intelligence  math  calculus  matrix  vector  scalar  partial_derivative  slope  gradient 
6 weeks ago by Tonti
Efficient matrix multiplication
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
performance  matrix  programming  math  linear-algebra 
6 weeks ago by rryan

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