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Codes and automata | Algebra | Cambridge University Press
"This major revision of Berstel and Perrin's classic Theory of Codes has been rewritten with a more modern focus and a much broader coverage of the subject. The concept of unambiguous automata, which is intimately linked with that of codes, now plays a significant role throughout the book, reflecting developments of the last 20 years. This is complemented by a discussion of the connection between codes and automata, and new material from the field of symbolic dynamics. The authors have also explored links with more practical applications, including data compression and cryptography. The treatment remains self-contained: there is background material on discrete mathematics, algebra and theoretical computer science. The wealth of exercises and examples make it ideal for self-study or courses. In summary, this is a comprehensive reference on the theory of variable-length codes and their relation to automata."
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Projects - CoCalc
Collaborative calculation in the cloud
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Lambda crabs (part 1): A mathematical introduction to lifetimes and regions · Ticki's blog
In this post, I go through the theoretical foundation of region-based memory management.
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